If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

After years of taking in America’s plastic recycling, many Asian nations are now sending it back, forcing the U.S. to deal with its trash problem.

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88 Responses

  1. imsome007 says:

    No wonder places like Japan and Korea have strict recycling practices/laws.

    • Ichigo Red says:

      @Luk Hok I hate to agree with you, but have to. Much of the waste that is not reused is dumped in landfills which ends up on our waters anyway. It’s disparaging.
      Instead of reusing metals, rubbers, and plastics that can be reused. SMH

    • Kaizoushin says:

      Nope, Japan was sending their stuff to China as well.

    • PER SPECTIVE says:

      @tony fetter Japan and korea***

    • Daiki Tsumagari says:

      @Kaizoushinjapan, as with korea, was sending some of our stuff to china. however, you cant compare us to america’s recycling system of “chuck it all in the same box”

    • Gemel Walters says:

      @Luk Hok recycling isn’t the problem, recycling plastic is. Did you watch the video?

  2. RedBaritonePlayer says:

    Could help if literally everything wasnt covered in plastic.

    • Star of The Highest Powers says:

      @Drew Babos I hope so too. Much respect to you for doing your best for the environment.

    • Khari Cousins says:

      Fukka yew awhale and fukka yew adolphin just get a water filter

    • Trueflight Silverwing says:

      @Star of The Highest Powers The big thing is that the cap and ring are a different type of plastic. Those can be recycled as well, but have to be done separately than the plastic the bottle is made from. This is why they ship recycleables to these other countries where less than minimum wage workers can sort through it and separate things like that. We could just as easily employ people to do it here, but because of US labor laws, the cost would skyrocket and have to be passed along to the cities and towns and we all know that they wont go for that.

    • Nonya Bizness says:

      @Trueflight Silverwing or what if they made the cap, ring, and bottle of the same type of plastic? or a law is passed that requires bottles to be made from plant cellulose? so many good solutions, do few initiatives to implement them, one would almost think we are being inundated with biohazardous petro by-products on purpose.

  3. It'sCommonSensePeople says:

    It is not too late to stop using one time use plastic bottles, straws, and containers. But as we all know, money and convenience are more important to Americans.

    • Rajiv Reddy says:

      *the world.

    • Clovis says:

      So many people still dont care. I think awareness is first step. I’m a USA citizen and even bring my own dishes for left overs when I go out to eat. The government needs to ban one time use plastics across the board!

    • dan mills says:

      When a good portion of nations take our weapons and aid packages. Its a trade.

    • Karmen Cummings says:

      @sweetsugarjones i’ve been doing the same thing : )

    • Yourmom says:

      It’sCommonSensePeople In my city we did away with plastic grocery bags…instead of complying in total…stores outside of the city limits continue to plastic bags! Clearly people don’t want it, they keep finding ways to continue using them. Actual political leadership could begin to address these world ruining issues.

  4. Philip Denys says:

    Trevor… Most of your accents are marvelous… Your filippino accent still needs some work ?

    Ask Jokoy for some tips ?

  5. XERXXISS X says:

    Africa as well, Africa needs to stop accepting “western waste” as well.

    • Kong Kong says:

      not quite yet. learn from the asians. work the trash, get your kids educated, then you can stop taking thrash. don’t get the order wrong

    • XERXXISS X says:

      @Kong Kong statistically people from Africa migrate to other parts of the countries already possessing collegiate level degrees earned in Africa. These titles are not met with the same magnitude as other cultures coming from the same circumstances so “learning” from china has no bearing on the amount of trash they’re using to acquire the same talents.

    • XERXXISS X says:

      @Bwigane Uswege Agreed, send them back as well.

    • Nate Souljah says:

      As well as the loans

  6. Kelly Lund says:

    America is such a mess. No clue how we are ever going to clean ourselves up.

  7. Berry’s Antics! says:

    I see it all the time when I go out, people putting dirty plastic and trash into the recycling bin… you can’t recycle plastic cover in food, you can’t recycle paper stained with grease. There needs to be a nationwide education program for this

    • Plastic Symptoms says:

      Nationwide education program along with refusing plastics in the first place. Recycling plastic puts more plastic into our enviornment, not less.

    • Mark Foster says:

      Is it easier…cost effective to recycle plastics?
      I keep pulling Triangle-7 out of the recycle….but they must be recycled …somewhere. Huh…Actually… Bernie, or whoever…let’s look into this.

    • shadowspider9 says:

      We don’t even have a uniform nationwide history program. In the south, the Civil War is downplayed as just a disagreement.

    • Orla Mc Sweeney says:

      Berry’s Antics! Agreed. And I’d go further and say that there needs to be a worldwide education program. I think a lot of people mean well, but don’t know all of the recycling rules. It’s a shame how much recycling waste gets rejected for being contaminated often just through lack of understanding.

    • Silver Bat says:

      Yes and there also needs to be education on composting.

  8. que trucker says:

    I like how he’s using his platform ➕ jokes to spread awareness around the country

    • Mark Foster says:

      Actually…..I am going to be here …to visit my friend. And if my friend has something negative to say about me…..I better listen.

    • Janine Rickard says:

      Yeah that IS really good but he missed an opportunity to demonstrate the many biodegradable packaging products I’ve already seen SOME companies using. There seem to be replacements for everything, like perforated cardboard for bubble wrap, but clearly the problem is very deep and has to do with a throwaway corporate-consumer culture. Laws need to change and our whole lifestyle needs to go sustainable. It sickens me that 1 million seabirds die each year from plastic, whales are washed up starved to death with stomachs full of plastics. It’s shameful and disgusting what we are doing to ourselves and other life forms.

    • Freddy H says:

      Nowadays comedy is news and news is comedy.

  9. An C says:

    This is no laughing matter, thanks for bringing it up Trevor.

    • Deepa Royal says:

      Imagine the wasted water and tons of chemicals used if everyone actually properly cleaned recyclables.

    • GeeOhh 805 says:


    • Héctor Dario Abarca says:

      He hates America doesn’t he?

    • WhalesTasteGreat says:

      It is a laughing matter. Even his conclusions around 7min in are flat out wrong. It’s easy to recycle when there’s a logistics program behind it… but Americans are even too lazy to do that.
      I learned the right way to recycle back in 2002 living in Japan, where they do it right — and your neighbors will let you know if you don’t. America is just a shithole country.

  10. Doran Martell says:

    Then I see things such as … packed orange slices … at the market, I want to scream.

  11. Ananda says:

    Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you want to.

    Never liked Duterte before but damn it, Trevor’s right. The man does not mess around.

    • Spiderific! says:

      @zena rynaldy There is such a thing as two things being wrong at the same time you know.

    • zena rynaldy says:

      @Spiderific! Both aren’t right indeed, but one another is less wrong than the other one.

    • Spiderific! says:

      @zena rynaldy There no such thing as less wrong when both aren’t ethical. Murder is murder.

    • ilaine tan says:

      Duterte changed a lot. Positive things to all people in the philippines. So if some of you don’t like him, then go somewhere else. Don’t lived here anymore. He is the only president to clean the streets and make safer place for us average citizens.

  12. Cue 1st Amend says:

    Rwanda banned single use plastic. One day a month they have a country-wide “cleaning day”

    • Karmen Cummings says:

      @Mr. Right that’s cool!

    • Kylechri says:

      @Sebastian Albus isnt it funny how a shithole country full of blacks knows how to handle their trash better than a country full of fat rich white fucks?

    • Fre DeHeerser says:

      Rwanda is a backwards african shithole where the concept of not drinking and shitting in the same pond has not taken hold, and every 5 years some group of primitives go apeshit and demolish the little they have, same goes for every country between the Sahara and Angola. Its not racism if its true so fuck you cunts

    • Nick says:

      @Fre DeHeerser How is that relevant? Were your feelings hurt by them being good at recycling, or do you just want attention?

    • Jelly Belly says:

      @Kylechri – your comment was laugh out loud funny, sadly because its so true! Thank you!

  13. Joe Berry says:

    I wonder how much “falls” off into the ocean as these floating cesspools travel across the globe?

    • Mictla says:

      @Sairam Kaushik Launch at it all at the sun, Futurama style.

    • Saffana Siddiqui says:

      @Sairam Kaushik what if it goes wrong and rains back at us ??

    • Betty Søvik says:

      Someone people are promoting human ash remains to be put in plastic bottles and throw into the sea as an hourable gesture to their dead loved ones.

    • Jomo Donaldson says:

      This is the funny thing. When countries think that they are powerful and make some huge sanction and other band on other countries and not take into consideration that the country that they trying to hurt can’t damage them more they think. #Huawei

    • Fre DeHeerser says:

      food for fishes

  14. ForAmerican says:

    US and Canada shipped the REAL garbage, not recyclable. that’s why they said enough is enough.

  15. skiducious says:

    I don’t care much for Trevor’s political humor but when he’s right, he’s right, just saying.

    • Héctor Dario Abarca says:

      skiducious all he does is bash America. Yet he lives here. How about helping out instead of just criticizing.

    • Juan Isasi says:

      @Héctor Dario Abarca Well, yeah. If my father decided to start taking meth, I wouldn’t go “Not my problem;” I would throw that garbage in the trash.

      Same with my country. If we don’t tell it what’s wrong, it may never notice.

  16. KoopaTroopa 2006 says:

    I’m not surprised none of the Asian countries want our trump- I mean trash

  17. MOSSY TONIC says:

    Lol I couldn’t not think trump every time “western trash” was mentioned ?

  18. project 2501 says:

    When the problem becomes ours we will finally do something about it. So this is good news.

  19. Mohamed Noor says:

    Plastic bags are banned in Kenya and boy we are not missing that shit. The environment is shining again. I wish we ban all plastics.

  20. Beulah Mavis Timothy says:

    Probably Trump could use all of that TRASH to build his “WALL”

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