If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Toxic PFA Chemicals | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Toxic PFA Chemicals | The Daily Show

Trevor breaks down the growing concern over PFAs, aka “forever chemicals,” their uses, their health risks, and how they got here to begin with. #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow #IYDKNYK #TheDailyShow

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72 Responses

  1. RaviRaj Gupta says:

    Why do 50 people post first? Come on guys, the comments deserve better..

  2. Golden Rose says:

    When you live near flint and the gov starts talking about water standards

  3. DPowered Smith says:

    Well im sure that companies will fight the legislation to regulate eventually like that always do. I mean pesticides that harms kids got back in use.

  4. Tiger Lily says:

    Humans poisoning ourselves through our own stupidity, ignorance, greed and destroying our environment? Sounds like karma, unfortunately.

    Also, when are we going to stand up to these soulless corporations!? They put the most notorious serial killers to shame. I’m looking at you too, Sackler family.

    • Noetic 83 says:

      @Ray Cozart you drink water right??????

    • Zia U. S says:

      @Noetic 83 well what if it is boiled filtered water?

    • Tremayne Brown says:

      * white people
      get it right for the context

    • NOT YOU says:

      You’re more right than you know. This is natural justice for our hubris. And through this trans/non-binary/gender-fluid/gender-neutral crap we are bastardizing and preverting what it means to be human. I mean “PUBERTY-BLOCKERS”? We’re destroying OURSELVES. We’re weakening our genome. We don’t want to draw a line anywhere. This is what we deserve.

  5. mary jones says:

    ty mr noah, but sooo not surprised. dupont has a history of poisoning human beings and the environment.

  6. David J says:

    Trump’s Fox interview:
    “I think the 3.4% number is really a false number. Now this is just my hunch, which I am basing on my gut, because my bowels are like my 4th sense. I have tremendous bowels by the way. Just ask Sean Hannity, he’s actually seen them.  So a lot of people may have this virus, but their symptoms will be mild. And a lot of people may die from this virus, but their deaths will be mild as well.”

  7. lady 214324 says:

    Watch Dark Water staring Mark Ruffalo. It’s a movie about this subject exactly. Its disgusting what Dupont did and covered up.

  8. Happytime Harry says:

    Dow developed it. And, when they discovered that it was harmful to humans, their rationale for using the chemical regardless was that any alternative they might come up with, could be worse. That is a matter of public record.

  9. xd ae says:

    The DuPont family has been pushing forever chemicals to the world since forever. They’ve become the 15th wealthiest family at $15 B. They’ll keep shoving cancer down our throats until we elect a president who stands up against corporate greed. Wonder who that is…🧐

    • Freeman Z says:

      DDT was a persistent pesticide ued on bugs that passed through animals up to top predators… almost destroying the american bald eagle….. so people noticed. When we DIE…. it’s no big thang.
      DuPont is Evil

    • Claudia Cornejo says:

      Well, the solution is easy: do not use sticky pans, there are other materials and you can take out the fried stuff by pouring hot water for some minutes. If we do not buy them, the freaking business is over.

    • Mr. Lewis says:

      Yes. Just read this after my post

  10. Fabio Assis says:

    Isn’t that what the Mark Ruffallo’s “Dark Waters” movie talked about the DuPont scandal?! By the way it’s a GREAT movie that everyone should see.

    • Goahead says:

      I saw it. Big thumbs up.

    • humblehooligan says:

      I came to comments section to recommend the movie.. And happy to see someone already recommended it..

    • Alejandro Garcia says:

      i watched last night .. great movie

    • Yegunique Im says:

      a very mind opening film. It did not sell in box office because of the same problem that shows you in the film: Giant industries and capitalism that plays with people’s lives and invests on propaganda to keep people in ignorance what they are doing to them.
      Every person in world should watch Dark Waters.

  11. apo kos says:

    anyone who is a farmer, anywhere, knows that Dupont is the devil, for many years now. this isnt news.

    • Jemand Anders says:

      @apo kos yeah i’m not gonna read that. I wasn’t offended. I just thought that saying this isn’t news because a certain group of people know about it was kinda strange.

    • apo kos says:

      @Jemand Anders not reading/hearing something is very impolite in a discussion but i guess we come from different cultures. many people know about Dupont, its just easier for farmers to know it, just like with other subjects its easier for other professions to know things (like with doctors about Novartis and such)

    • Jemand Anders says:

      @apo kos sorry, but i’m not interested in a conversation that starts with “let me put it in simpler words for you”.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      I remember a classmate talking about it, but nobody understood what she was talking about, and her family works on agriculture years later, here I am, learning more.

    • apo kos says:

      @Jemand Anders μακαριοι οι πτωχοι τω πνευματι as the westerner religion says

  12. Porkchop Sandwiches says:

    Is it bad to be stabbed by a metal spike?

    serial killer: There are lots of metals in our body.

  13. Corey Mondello says:

    Companies that poison and kill are legally allowed to, because in the USA, “Profits Over People” and NOT “We The People” is what the Constitution stands for. Under Trump, this has gotten worse, and what he, his administration, conservatives and the Republican Party do, will be with us for centuries if not til the end of mankind! So ironic, Nixon put the EPA into place! Vote for a Republican of Conservative Democrat, you vote to kill yourself, the earth, and future generations!

  14. aShura says:

    Seems the “greatness” Is seeping into every American body.

  15. foorene duh says:

    Go see the movie call: Dark waters, that all begins

    • ReapeX says:

      @Lena Wagenfuehr no

    • Grace Blondell says:

      Brighton Zongondi Same reaction, i thought for sure based on the movie it had been resolved by now. disgusting how some human beings have no regard for anyone and anything besides money. and then anyone who tries to stand up for it on larger scale is considered crazy and dramatic. smh. where do we even go from here.

    • Viral Today says:

      Just shows how corrupt the US is, if your a large corporation you just pay a small fine and continue doing it and keep the profits rolling in

    • Tex Arcana says:

      @Brighton Zongondi the world is doomed

    • Tex Arcana says:

      @Grace Blondell Death.

  16. Russell Hinton says:

    Life was never intended to be this convenient and the silent choices we all make will be our legacy, good or bad

  17. Mary Marsella says:

    This sort of story used to be on nightly news. Now it’s on Comedy Central.

    • First Last says:

      I’m in Ohio but my NPR broadcast is based in Michigan and they talk about the flint water crisis and wide scale contamination of water by PFASs fairly regular. It needs to be national news but it won’t because they don’t want to hurt the stock market

  18. President Oneday says:

    Imagine being in flint Michigan and hearing this.. not only is your water terrible, it also has extra chemicals in it. 👍👍👍👍

  19. Ted McFly says:

    That Dupont commercial at the end is basically neoliberalism in a nutshell: socially liberal, but economically conservative/corporate.

  20. Mr. Bodymassagemachine says:

    Me: *casually reading the comment section*
    Everyone in the comment section: “WATCH DARK WATERS NOW, OR YOU BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR SINS.”
    Me: ok ok ok

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