If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Trophy Hunting | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Trophy Hunting | The Daily Show

Trevor breaks down trophy hunters’ claims about the benefits of killing wild game for sport, a practice which has been further enabled by Trump’s rollbacks of Obama-era endangered species protections.

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82 Responses

  1. Philip Davidson says:

    I think you can gain appreciation of big cats without slaughtering them. Psychopaths

    • TOY101 SOLDIER says:

      Apalala mainly because it’s natural for people to eat meat,shooting an endangered animal isn’t natural unless it’s populated.

    • Kaidona says:

      Some people can’t tolerate the meat substitutes. Everybody has different dietary needs, and some require more meat than others. As an example, the less I eat, the more weight I lose, and it’s not a good thing. I need to be at least 15lbs heavier than I am, but I haven’t had the energy necessary to buy and make what I need.

    • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews says:

      @gypsy C137 Animals don’t want to sacrifice their lives, they want to live…cows, pigs, chickens, deer, lions, elephants, wolves etc. Animals on factory farms live miserable tortured lives. And even those raised on smaller farms wind up slaughtered no matter how “nice” they were treated.

    • InfiniteLoop says:

      @Apalala Eating meat is not the same thing as killing for fun. Killing for fun is a waste of resources

    • InfiniteLoop says:

      @Cathy GaliLEO Andrews The real problem are humans. No one wants to accept that we need a culling to solve our problems. Who should be killed? The people who use up the most resources

  2. Agyeiwaa's Own says:

    Face the damn animal so we know you got grit.

  3. Ankay Lance says:

    In the same way some countries are making laws that if you go and commit certain crimes anywhere in the world, you can still be prosecuted and sentenced back in your nation,
    they should make the same for hunting.

  4. wise Human says:

    If the lion or any other animal tried to kill you and you kill it, that’s okay cuz it is in self defense. But when this stupid people come to Africa just to deplete its continent of their beautiful wildlife because it’s a sport, it’s not okay. How are people like this accepted in the community much less the country?? Deport them. They are doing much harm than good!!! They came all the way from Europe to see the animals, not to kill them in the name of sports. If that’s tourism to you guys then it’s not worth their blood money. Have respect and dignity for yourselves Africa!!! Don’t let this kind of people irregardless of their ethnicity, deplete you guys of your beautiful natural resources. Then these people are the first ones to say African people in their countries are destroying their land while they are in Africa brutally destroying theirs. SHAME!!!

    • Rute Martins says:

      Trophy hunters dont just come from Europe…..many come from the US as well. Money talks and that makes me sick

    • loki2240 says:

      In some African countries, the people can’t stop other people from exploiting them, let alone other species.

      In the U.S., we have a lot more power. But we generally don’t use it for good.

    • Azan Khan says:

      Most of trophy hunting are organised by sanctuaries.
      The animals killed are towards the end of their lives.
      money generated goes towards animal conservation.

  5. Jugnd K says:

    Trophy hunting = Poaching
    Real hunters don’t kill for vanity

    • Hagen says:

      Ever met a hunter?

    • Jose Montalvo Melendez says:

      @Hagen nope all i see in those pics are weaklings trying to seem strong. The only time Killing an animal is ok is for food or if it attacked you first. Going out of your way to kill an animal just because you don’t have the validation of other people like these schmucks desire to ( seeing as they belive they’re actually doing a good thing and are trying to justify it and are offended when people call them out on their hypocrisy) is not only wrong it’s pathetic.

    • Eric Larkin says:

      ​@remliqa I’d disagree, rem. I’m not a hunter myself, though I do enjoy target shooting so there’s natural overlap there. As with any large group of people you’re going to have some nutters in there and they’re going to get all the attention. Most of them are super chill and very not crazy. I’d honestly encourage you to visit a range at some point.

    • DethstruXioN ™ says:

      @remliqa Yes, because there are too many lions and giraffes.

    • jblps says:

      @remliqa I think the video covered all the BS arguments you just made. There might be money exchanging hands but the demand for poaching (and trophy hunting) is rooted in vanity. Trophy hunting is not beneficial because you are taking out all the specimens with the best genes. Did you watch the video or just prefer to to ignore the points it so you can enjoy your furs and horns?

  6. Snuggie's3rdHole says:

    At least make it fair, let the lions shoot back

  7. SigmaTauri2 says:

    That fat man posing with the dead lion could have fed a whole village for a week – with his own meat obviously.

  8. Johey Jonsson says:

    You preserve endangered spieces by limiting their numbers for fun? Ok then.

  9. We The Animals says:

    Disgusting monsters like that need to be caged. They aren’t even fully human.

  10. Sarika S says:

    Socially boycott hunter. Give them psychological treatment !!!

  11. Aadil Shah says:

    So money doesn’t actually ‘trickle down’ to poor people? Go figure!

  12. Shahzad Ali says:

    These hunters are #PussyAssBitch. If they really wanted to show their braveness then why don’t they fight them with bare hands instead of guns. That would be fun to watch these psychos tore down by animals

  13. NaoTa MF says:

    lets hunt trophyhunters, they have been asking for it!

  14. James Asper says:

    DISGUSTING! Killing innocent animals with high tech guns… HOW MANLY!

    • Frank Martinez says:

      @Hagen didnt know those animals were “endangered”

    • Edo Fluit says:

      @Frank Martinez so if they aren’t endanger they can just be killed in the masses? nice fucking logic. a few decades ago lions also werent endangerd so back then they could be just killed in your eyes??

    • Jose Montalvo Melendez says:

      @Edo Fluit the difference is that those animals are killed to actually *FEED PEOPLE* while trophy hunters kill just to make their penis tingle since they want to act on their psychotic urges

    • 00 9X says:

      @Hagen that argument is outdated, chickens and cows come in bunches , bundles, groups. If we were too make actual calculations I’m pretty sure that Chickens outnumber tigers,lions, rhinos..

    • AndrewCox X says:

      James Asper I hunt archery

  15. VashXTrigun says:

    Bullsh*t, it is not up to the trophy hunters to initiate natural selection, by killing off the “weaker” animal that supposedly “slows down” the rest.

    That is natures job!! The weaker animals usually get eaten by predators. Shooting them as a trophy just takes food out of the mouth of these natural predators.

  16. All InOne says:

    it’s only a sport if both sides know they’re playing

  17. Lori D says:

    The metal band Megadeth has a song regarding this, it’s called “Countdown To Extinction”. The lyrics are spot on.

  18. Xxxx Soto says:

    I would pay to see a Lion smack one of them so called Trophy hunters head. They have some crazy logic. ?

  19. William Plaud says:

    That is a sin. You should only allow to hunt for food.

  20. 2019 says:

    These people kill animals then go home and kiss their dogs. Sick people at its finest

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