If you learned how to deflect in real life.

If you learned how to deflect in real life.

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Oddwin – 8.16.18

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54 Responses

  1. Jared Everett says:

    Was expecting some Sekiro deflec-…. oh there it is

  2. KDramaOtaku says:

    Rofl the “owhoo” kills me rofl. Like some conflicted werewolf trying to figure out if he in pain or need his crew

  3. Damage-Beats says:

    Thats fake because calebs knee didnt make a full 360 turn

  4. Hydraxion Voltage says:

    Imagine walking home late at night, you kick a stone down the road and then in the distance

    *HIYAAA* Fox Shine sound *HYAAAA*

  5. Marche says:

    I half expected him to throw a punch and get hit by his own fist.

  6. Za Warudo says:

    *Is this the power of ultra instinct!?*

  7. MsRockstar013 says:

    So you just gon throw a chair at your friend? ??

  8. Theworldseyes says:

    *Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: IRL edition.*

  9. David He says:

    This guy is actually a creative genius

  10. The Doc says:

    Caleb 1: What is your super power?
    Caleb 2: To deflect everything.

  11. Depression Talks With Immanuel says:

    “I’m trying so hard not to punch you right now! It’s astonishing!” lol

  12. Vicente Ramirez says:

    1:02 wtf was that sound?! Lmao.

  13. Sherpa Sonam Tobden says:

    Hold on a minute! You mean You people can’t deflect attacks IRL?

  14. Lhenns says:

    Caleb finally got on trending. Congrats

  15. Kweestor says:

    Your “in pain sounds” sound like they came from an anime

  16. Stone Evans says:

    LMAO sounds like the lady that fell squashing grapes at the end.

  17. MasterKcoop says:

    Title: *Dante humiliates Vergil with royal guard*

  18. Hell Cat says:

    Fire emblem characters in Smash be like

  19. Some One 愛 says:

    1:02 *sounds like yoshi sticking his tongue out in a lower pitch*

  20. Some One 愛 says:

    *Legend says he goes on to live his entire life completely unaware about his incredible untapped potential in a way poetically tragic and a waste of a life*

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