If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso

If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso

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41 Responses

  1. Infinite says:


  2. Bianca Patriota Cardoso says:

    I liked, subscribed and turned on the notifications

  3. Daxton Ettinger says:

    Like for how many times infinite has said I have ten mill when he eleven million

  4. Sonika Vadji says:

    Who likes Caylus when he says “oh my gowsh!!”

  5. elizabeth resoles says:

    hey calus you know conner your room mate is working with Mr.Beast???

  6. noxiliya Day says:

    Make ,, W ,, challenge , so u can’t say anything that starts on ,, W ,,
    like = you want to make ,, W ,, challenge

  7. danial zara says:

    you j
    you ju
    you jus

    you think i am gonna do “you just said wow”

  8. Gabriel Lambayong says:

    Infinite: is it tofu?
    Me:No, I didn’t see dahyun

  9. Mars de Castro says:

    Adults:don’t worry kids t series is just a myth

  10. Shakila Hauqe says:

    Only 25 lives came up on the screen not 50

  11. Golden Luke & Emerald Jay says:

    I have 5 lives 😀


    Infinite: TEACH ME DA WAY

  12. a wife a style without a husband says:

    Until he misses that edge and goes boom Christian dolgresso 2019 plz like this is my first ever comment i had 4 lives

  13. Justine, Jazmyn, Jaxon, James, Lachlan & Micheal says:

    He said it, & Caylus didn’t even know
    It was as clear as day

  14. Emily Smith says:

    how to waste Gatorade 2019


  15. Sama Al Lami says:

    Guys 9:43 it is caramel
    We always do that in my b-day

  16. Sienna Scales says:

    You did the wooh wrong I’m depressed but your vids are still amazing

  17. Robloxgirlplayer Paula_playz says:

    I love you infinite i wish that i could see you in real life!😇

  18. Mypotatos gachafans says:

    When you dab in 2018. OH MY GOSH YOUR SO COOL! When you dab in 2019…… What are you DOINNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

  19. Random Moments says:

    This is Jack

    👇That’s how old he is

  20. Sharlene Holmes says:

    This is
    Poop head
    He is in hospital and this is how
    You give him lives by living

    He has no life’s he is in hospital so give him lives bye dining this

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