Iggy Azalea Burned Nick Young’s Designer Clothes | WWHL

Iggy Azalea Burned Nick Young’s Designer Clothes | WWHL

Singer Iggy Azalea talks about how she burned ex-fiance NBA player Nick Young’s designer clothes and says that she gave him a warning before doing it.
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Iggy Azalea Burned Nick Young’s Designer Clothes | WWHL

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50 Responses

  1. angelicashobby says:

    😆Iggy is good on WWHL! Why is she paired with Kim😐? I would guess Erika Jayne!!!!🤗

  2. Blolii says:

    Andy had it with ( sh*t) hahaaaa 🤣

  3. Super Sayian Curry says:

    Nick Young took the W idc idc

  4. ROBIN WESTON says:

    She did the Angela Bassett – Waiting to Exhale LOL

  5. Kristen J says:

    I don’t understand why burning his things makes you feel better. One: he now has proof and can sue you for it. Two: you’ve shown that you still care and have feelings for him. Move on and be indifferent, it hurts the man way more when he no longer has a hold on you emotionally.

  6. Hannah White says:

    I’ve throw everything he owned which was just clothes and shoes away once but I didn’t burn anything. And I told him to get his stuff the day I kicked him out but he left instead and returned like weeeks later in the middle of the night asking for his stuff. I’m like uh it’s in the dumpster which was dumped weeks ago. And he just looked and walked away. I was literally having a sleepover with my best friend watching the office and eating pizza. It was so random she was like “oh wow how unexpected”.

    Don’t leave your stuff at someone house just to have a reason to return especially when they ask you to take it that day. It took me ten minutes maybe to throw it all away cause i had to walk to the dumpster so it would’ve taken him half that time to put it in his car.

  7. iggy iggz says:

    She is the shadiest b***h I love her si much

  8. James Monds says:

    I love Iggy after this interview she is sooo cool and down to earth

  9. Jak Blunt says:

    As a person who’s burned clothes i can say it’s the best therapy

  10. ERIKA DOWDY says:

    Damn, this really made me like her!💕👍🏽♥️U go sister😁

  11. itsyaboy sonia says:

    Lmao I never knew I loved this bish

  12. JamRock305 1 says:


  13. Thanks Thanks says:

    Just asking ? Did she said that forever 21 is cheap or expensive

  14. James Duke says:

    I’m a Iggy fan now! Too funny!

  15. lin lin says:

    andy annoys me

  16. Lisa N. says:

    Wow this makes me dislike her- you should never destroy someones else’s belongings… stupid.

  17. Dee says:

    She sounds so American, I heard the Aussie accent in a couple of words but it was mostly American, she’s so over he top as well, I think she thinks she’s black.

    • Melaine Bullock says:

      Dee how do you think you’re a color? What is acting black?

    • Marko Jay says:

      Shes lived in America since a mid teen, you pick up the accent. That’s why she’s got a bit of a mixed accent. She pronounces her “r’s” the American way but pronouncd other things in the Aussie accent. She’d not trying to be black.

    • Dee says:

      You watch a black American woman that’s exactly how they go on, then watch a white American woman. Totally different.

    • Lennon The Bunny says:

      Coming from an American, I don’t think she sounds American at all. She has a weird hybrid accent.

    • Melaine Bullock says:

      Dee you’re generalizing. If you’re trying to say urban, that’s fine but there are plenty of white and Hispanic people in the city too. Not trying to bust your b*lls but it’s important to word yourself correctly and not generalize a race into a socio-economic setting or region

  18. Luke Gone says:

    i LOVE IGGY omg wow shes so cool, i love her new song Savior!

  19. Renae Chantel says:

    lol alll the females like yasssss.. so juvenile, doesnt solve anything

  20. Matt says:

    She looks like Shrek when he turned human lmao

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