Iggy Azalea Splits Pants At Bar Mitzvah

Iggy Azalea Splits Pants At Bar Mitzvah
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20 Responses

  1. IAMKIRBY123 says:


  2. Clement Leworthy says:

    Not gigo

  3. sephirotharsy6 says:

    Damn Hitler was right……. 

  4. Hal Winston-Fletcher says:

    I do realise what I’m about to say may sound quite cliche. Can you low
    lives in the comments to stop hating on the Jews. i’m Jewish and I don’t
    find this offensive I just find it stupid and ignorant. And I’m sure a lot
    of people agree with me

  5. Ramy chk says:

    Long life to Soral and Dieudo ! Fuck Zionists

  6. Kevin Eid says:

    Hahahahahah dumb fucking jews

  7. 万文君 says:


  8. Rebeccas Tutorials says:


  9. Arron Ferrell says:

    get new pants

  10. IGOR STORM says:

    Она больше крутит задницей, чем поет…

  11. jackmen4 says:

    Too much booty for those pants

  12. Habz9901 says:

    Her booty knows no boundaries… Literally.

  13. Oavedays says:


  14. Oavedays says:

    can all the muslims please fuck off into your caves and fuck allah

  15. aziz alqadi says:

    typical YouTube, comment. hahaha

  16. Yanoxi Naranjo says:

    You don’t have to believe in the religion but at least please have some
    respect towards it. I am not a Jew, I don’t follow Jewish beliefs and that
    does not mean I get to trash Judaism. 

  17. Puppylover says:


  18. Sam Star says:

    Jewbacca! Just banta, no hatred intended.

  19. Donald Rock says:

    Its the most important part of her show too…the part she constantly calls
    the most attention too

  20. Liam Ll says:

    faggot RELIGIOUS NUTS. Hiring a black cop disguised as a white women. Jeez
    the world is truly fucked.