Iggy Azalea talks Nick Young D’Angelo Russell

Iggy Azalea talks Nick Young D’Angelo Russell

http://bit.ly/1VFsH2n Iggy Azalea threatens to cut off Nick Young’s junk if he does anything stupid. Like what you see? LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to our Channel today! http://bit.ly/1VFsH2n

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19 Responses

  1. Latdot says:

    regular guy stuff? homies running through hall naked and filming each out

  2. Morgan Kenske says:

    Nick Young he’s running after me

  3. Morgan Kenske says:

    tell u him date Lauren

  4. blastercombo audio says:

    Haha, you must be horrible in bed

  5. snpaa says:

    Imagine if I said publicly that I would cut off my girl’s clit if she ever
    cheated on me.
    Do you see how crazy that sounds? Why the fuck do we give women passes for
    saying this reckless shit?

  6. AcctNo4 says:

    who’s that (blonde) chick in the background trying to instigate a feud?
    fire her.

  7. Patrick Barrett says:

    Anyone else catch that Iggy said she will cut off 1/4 of Nicks penis off
    and then about 30 seconds later mention that he will lose 1/2 an inch? Is
    she telling us her husbands penis is only 2 inches

  8. Rpp Wing says:

    She stays with a cheater. She deserves to get cheated on

  9. JohnNy Bonnelll says:

    If I cheated on my girl I would lose more than “a quarter inch”

  10. Mr. Bond says:

    That aint no motherfucking regular guy stuff. Asking another man to run
    through the hall naked is gay af. This is why Kobe was acting the way he
    was acting towards these clowns.

  11. I am like God to you says:

    why do only black women hate her? ???

  12. LuBano says:

    Which Wayans brother is that?

  13. Tài Nguyễn says:


  14. Richie Miller says:

    guy code runs everything that’s why your careers shit

  15. 0alejandroellis0 says:

    Bros before Hoes

  16. Zapp says:


  17. Walter Morales says:

    This bitch does not have a million fans.

  18. Claudia leal says:

    I think I’m more famous than him. good for you Iggy

  19. TTProductions says:

    Is this host kidding me? Athletes are allowed to cheat because of the
    adoration they have from people when they play? What about fucking singers
    like her that have four times the mount of people cheering her on in a

    What the hell?