illegal food combinations

illegal food combinations

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I wanted to see what food combinations you guys would have that would get you thrown in jail. You were very open about your crimes. I tried some of the combinations and they weeerrreee SOMETHING.

DavidToons –
BigChapula –
AbnormalChaos –
Thelaserbearguy –
and me 🙂

Thank you for watching.

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38 Responses

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich says:

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  2. Michaela Hendry says:

    I love how some of the most expressive ways Andy’s every drawn his little dude was to express how absolutely appalled he was by some of these food combinations

  3. Metropisianity says:

    It’s hilarious how Andy always holds back laughter whenever he does his hilarious sponsor transitions

  4. Zookja says:

    Andy’s the only YouTuber I don’t skip the sponsor stuff because it’s always so funny and well made

  5. KJ_Heichou says:

    One time I watched this show that was about people’s weird food combinations, one of them was a woman that eat gouda-cheese and nutella sandwhiches. I wondered what it tasted like and made one and it was fire. the nuttiness and sweetness of the nutella mixed with the slight saltiness really blended together well

  6. cheri says:

    i’m really impress by the animation team. i didn’t even notice there was a shift in styles at all! kudos and great video once again! 👏🏼

  7. Go away says:

    I love how he has a simple style but adds so many details to random things

  8. gnawcire says:

    Love how he incorporates the ideas of the audience but also uses that to make unique content of his own

    • Parker Beebe says:

      I loved the Mac and cheese part it was so good

    • NotYarrs says:

      Like 90% of youtubers wow crazy

    • Rumple-chan says:

      ​@Groovebot 3000 oh, yeah, you’re right! That masked wrestle-m’n kept my sanity in check when I was in college (because THAT was insane af for me).

      No, I didn’t do illicit substance; I was struggling with undiagnosed ADHD in an 11-week university format that about broke me TTwTT Had to drop out from that and go to a community college instead.

    • Laur en says:

      This is an EXCELLENT video concept. Love it with the IRL clips in with the animation. Very creative

    • Hanif H says:

      thats so true. i wish the audience was real

  9. RainbwRobyn says:

    Sometimes I mix orange and grape soda together. I used to do this when I was a kid and decided to try it again as an adult. It tastes exactly like a handful or skittles with all the flavors mixed together, but in liquid form. I actually liked it, not something I would drink all the time because well, it tastes like your teeth are gonna melt but still good once in a while.

    • SeventeenGhost says:

      OH! That reminds me, when I was a child, we used to mix Coca-Cola with AdeS (a fruit-flavored drink made with soy-milk), mostly the apple flavored one. I tried it again just a few years ago and… I don’t know what was wrong with my palate back then. Or maybe they changed the recipe, I don’t know, but it was NASTY.

    • the larryman says:

      ​@Whispurr Sprite, fanta and coke is also nice. Another combination I like to have is : 40% cranberry juice, 40% apple juice and 20% orange juice.

    • Whispurr says:

      If there isn’t Vernors or root beer, you can bet I’m mixin sodas together, because I don’t like the other ones that much alone, but together, they’re fun.

      Root beer and Sprite is also really good together.

    • Fennec flame13 says:

      At my school’s video game club, we had a pizza party where everyone was mixing together a combination of 25% fruit punch soda, 25% mountain dew, 15% orange soda, and 15% lemon-lime soda (Yes, I know it doesn’t add up to 100%, but that’s so it doesn’t spill out of the cup) It tasted like nerds candy and was probably the reason I was sick the next day.

  10. jelle sidorak says:

    The expressions he can draw with such an minimalistic style is actually insanely good👌😍

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