Illinois Tornado April 9, 2015 – iPhone filmed

Illinois Tornado April 9, 2015 – iPhone filmed

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Very close encounter with the tornado that rolled through Northern Illinois on April 9, 2015. My boss and friend Sam Smith took the video and sent it to me soon after. Sam is not a storm chaser and was on his way to Indianapolis from Minnesota. He was visiting from North Carolina on business and had never had any experience with this type of weather.

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20 Responses

  1. J.B. Miller says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just to clarrify, I am not a storm chaser have never seen a tornado and
    personally never want to unless its on the tv. Also, for reference I am a
    38 year old mom that is orig. from NC and now live in England, so have
    absolutly no expertise at all when it comes to what you are suppose to do
    in this kind of situation. However, many many years ago when I was a child
    myself we were taught in school that for Tornado’s you go under a bridge or
    into a ditch if you were out in the open. if in your home you get in the
    basment, if you didnt have one you found a room that had no windows and
    pulled a matress over you… the bathroom was usually a good one, with you
    in the tub and holding a matress over top of you. In an earth quake it was
    get outside, if you couldnt hide under a table or in a doorway.
    Honestly, I take my hat off to this man, because I would have been saying
    lots and lots of swear words, if my kids were in the car i would probably
    be frantic, along the lines of “Oh God, shit, does everybody have their
    seat belts on! Make sure there tight. Lay down! Lay down! Cover your
    heads, Of fuck,,,, please God, fuck me….. Dont let us die here…. Its ok
    babies, we are going to be fine, mommy is just …. jesus, what do i do,
    sweetheart, dont cry… mommy is being silly…. its ok….. its ok… i
    love you guys and i swear when this is over we are going to go get the
    biggest ice creams we can find…. oh shit……. oh god.. i cant believe
    we are alive….” then i would turn around to find my 12 year old had been
    teh one to record it all for yourtube immortality.
    I may begin to laugh and cry at this stage, possibly throw up before
    waiting for my legs to be strong enough to hold me before I made sure every
    inch of my children were checked for top to bottom for the slightest
    bruise. I would have probably climbed over into the back seat with them by
    this time. my twelve year old most likely would still be recording while
    moaning, mom im fine, stop kissing me. Oh my God, mom! That was so cool.
    Im going to be famous on youtube.

  2. Naomi Caldwell says:

    All I have to say is this man is officially renamed “The Extreme” (TWISTER,
    1997). LOL All kidding aside, he had A LOT of angels watching over him that
    day!!! He stated at the beginning of the video that this was his first
    encounter with a tornado. He’s fortunate, for this very well could’ve been
    his last! 

  3. Dennis Pillar says:

    Going under an overpass is the WORST thing to do!

  4. Crystal Blankenship says:

    Fyi to those of y’all who are telling him how stupid he is. Not everyone is
    trained on tornado safety. I grew up in Florida and tornadoes are rare
    there so its not taught nor is it taught in the new England area where I
    lived for 4 years I now live in Kansas so I know more about them. But he
    did what he thought was best something like dude don’t ever go under and
    over pass because there is more auction under it but I’m glad your okay and
    if you have any questions for the future in case this happens again let me
    know would have sufficed the likelihood that he is actually going to ask
    you is slim none but you all want to be smarty pants offer him smarts.

  5. ShinyUmbreon197 aka Klogeist says:

    +Feelifire2.0 +Crystallife 

  6. J AG says:

    I have to say this is one of the most jaw dropping tornado videos I’ve ever
    watched. I’m really glad to hear your friend survived this experience with
    little more than (I’m betting) vehicle damage (did anyone notice that
    debris sparking on the road at 1:25?) And the tornado’s roar is
    exceptionally clear. Nightmare Fuel indeed.

    What really strikes me is how quickly the tornado was on him. It looked
    like it was a respectable distance away at the start, but it only took nary
    a minute for it to come within striking distance. It was incredible luck
    that he made the right decision (it could have easily gone the other way),
    I don’t think he would have been able to clear that mile wide monster’s
    path if he had opted to make a run for it instead of backing up and hoping
    for the best.

  7. Ash says:

    sooo did the truck have any damage?

  8. dibaby1970 says:

    Awesome video. Thank God it slid in front of you and you didn’t get sucked
    into the vortex. The experts say to get out of the vehicle and lay in a
    ditch, but of all the chasers I’ve seen get caught in a tornado, I’ve never
    seen one of them do that. You did what the chasers do, they probably would
    have kept backing up to make sure they were far enough away, but you got
    the great video, so thanks for being brave and sticking to what you felt
    was far enough 😉 lol

    I don’t think there is any video showing us what the “right” choice is.
    (Laying in a ditch), even in El Reno, OK, none of those storm chasers left
    their vehicles, even though they were inside of the mammoth tornado. If you
    had gotten out you might have been sucked in, and most definitely would
    have been pelted with debris. What really is the right thing to do?

  9. XxCade00xX says:

    The guy is not a Storm Chaser. He even said he’s never been in a tornado
    before, so before you guys bash him for his way of ‘storm chasing’ do put
    in the thought that he had no intention of chasing it, and he didn’t know
    what direction it was going in and he didn’t know if he should make a run
    for it. Staying in the overpass seemed like an okay decision. He’s not a
    storm chaser he is just a normal person caught in the wrong place.

  10. Herr Vorragend says:

    BUT Y THE windshield wiper on

  11. Taavi Albert says:

    Fake, because vertically filmed.

  12. Patrick McElligott says:

    1. You’re lucky to be alive

  13. Andree K says:

    Nice footage. I would planked that mofo though. That overpass will only
    accelerate the winds. 

  14. Cupinoy says:

    Vertical video agaaaaaaain!

  15. N0noFreakz says:

    The wipers makes it more dramatic..

  16. TOBS says:

    Once the tornado passes over you and it’s still going, you haul ass, not
    sit there and decide whether it’s gonna come back around!

  17. MamoDad says:

    Vertical Video FUCKSTICK MORON Alert!

  18. passthetunaporfavor says:

    He knows he dodged a bullet. Doesn’t need some twit to explain the
    situation it to him.

  19. Shawn Ratcliffe says:

    I don’t know that I’d of stayed, but, this brave man got some crazy footage
    of the tornado from Illinois last week.

  20. Rowan W says:

    pick one perspective just one and film it that way.