Illusionist Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick

Illusionist Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick

Dan White performs a magic trick with Jimmy involving a Cards Against Humanity deck, a chalkboard and a secret envelope given to a random audience member.

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Illusionist Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick

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20 Responses

  1. Tolga Cinar says:

    Under 2 Mill Views Club ?

  2. Lewis Z. - AtomStation or AtomicSandwichPie says:

    666th view

  3. Rine Berkhart says:

    I dream about Jimmy too

  4. Lisa Journiette says:

    Did you notice, that he takes something out of the envelope and drops it on
    the stairs?

  5. Nurya Meron says:

    Wow, I think Jimmy’s reaction to this was totally genuine 🙂 I was
    thoroughly entertained!


  6. Randy Olmos says:

    Damn this trick sucked ass

  7. Anna Catriona says:

    why is it written the exact same way on the card and on the board? who does
    a y that way!?

  8. NuCasy says:

    in his watch is an electronic devise that copys the writing on the card on
    the chalkboard

  9. De Day says:

    would be funny if the man holding the envelope took a pic or open the

  10. Semore Butts says:

    This is so fake jimmy was obviously in on it

  11. F ASF says:

    He’s really annoying get to the point

  12. swiss swan (swiss swan) says:

    I am not impressed

  13. G Money says:

    they already have artificial telepathy they can read anything that guy says
    to himself in his head. all they do is pretend that they don’t have this
    technology and continue to check you the people how sad

  14. David Johnson says:

    I don’t mind the ads
    I don’t mind the buffer
    But when the ads buffer
    I suffer

  15. TinnInches says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My dicks out for Harambe
    I hope yours is too

  16. Christian Skinner says:

    You can tell Jimmy wasn’t in on it. That audience member probably was, but
    it’s cool to see Jimmy being genuine

  17. The Beast says:


  18. Sandra Parker says:

    I think it’s word association. With all the words on the card who wouldn’t
    think of spicy.

  19. BuyAnAxe says:

    You all think you have it figured out. How did he get the card in the

  20. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    As a magician myself, i kinda know whats going on. He used an invisible
    deck, along with a card force (forcing his prepicked duplicate. He could of
    easily practised Jimmy’s signature from the internet.), which explains the
    envelop. The only thing i don’t know is the word guess. Any smarter
    magicians know?