I’m A Huge Fangirl

I’m A Huge Fangirl

add me on Beme; casey


music by Blue Wednesday https://www.youtube.com/user/strengthpsychology

on http://instagram.com/caseyneistat
on https://www.facebook.com/cneistat
on https://twitter.com/CaseyNeistat

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20 Responses

  1. Paul Ocone says:

    +Christopher Scott Vidcon is both a chance for Youtubers to discuss the
    online video industy and a chance for fans to interact with their favorite

  2. nathan weaver says:

    u go bro

  3. Slartibartfast says:

    who are these people? and why are they famous?

  4. Paul Ocone says:

    +Pach Rain This is Casey Neistat, possibly the best (and certainly the most
    hard-working) vlogger on Youtube. He was also one of the first creators of
    viral internet videos ever, even before Youtube started. He’s a filmmaker
    and entrepreneur.

  5. Safa Burger says:

    5:47 WAS LEGIT the best moment ever. I fersure thought that if jerome is
    here then casey MUST be with him haha also cant believe more than a million
    people have seen me freak out

  6. riconm01 says:

    Who is the Spanish vlogger at 2:43??

  7. Chris Mcknight says:

    are you only friends with youtubers and do you or would you be friends with
    a fan ?

  8. Rakion09214 says:

    loving the Beme shirts

  9. Dave Dugdale says:

    I went to the very first one. A lot of fun.

  10. tdewitt1212 says:

    the apocalypse is near. I’m off to kill myself. This video is a clear sign
    that the world has ended. Pitiful

  11. hey hey hey says:

    I’m in this!!!!!!

  12. Austin Delavictoria says:

    Rhett and link!! (:

  13. Vincent Visser says:

    You’re just such an inspiration to people. It’s awesome.
    But don’t inspire too many people, I want it to be cool ;p

  14. Delaware Digger says:

    Nice time at vidcon. Lol escaping the masses. Happy days.

  15. Edu Martinez Mariño says:

    please come to Mallorca (Spain)

  16. Shravan Kumar says:

    The girl in the left of the thumbnail looks like a zombie ! lol

  17. albeit O the best says:

    If someone needs an unlucky code I got lucky and guessed so I feel I need
    to spread the luck…
    Just reply and whoever I pick gets it.

  18. Eve Martel says:

    hahaha the comment about the non-instagramable sandwiches was on point! (We
    had the same ones in the Industry lounge). Really enjoyed your keynote!

  19. PM says:

    why has the video 1 000 000 views? not even one of his best vids

  20. Charlie Williams says:

    Casey . Props to you for being literally the nicest guy on the planet. Your
    so nice and polite and we honestly need more people like you .