i’m almost done with high school… +haul

i’m almost done with high school… +haul

thank you lulus for sponsoring this video! guys i’m literally done with high school how weird is that. well i’ll tell you. it’s very weird. but exciting as well. here’s one of my last high school vlogs on this channel. i’m not crying, you are.

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i love you and appreciate you guys so freaking much. thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch and grow with me on my journey!


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70 Responses

  1. LifeWithLyric says:


  2. brooke ryan says:

    dropped everything for this, hannah pls notice me ily more than anything ?

  3. NSPA Jay says:


    ?I’m a youtuber would love advice (just advice plz u DONT have to subscribble :))

  4. great content says:

    when you refresh the page every 10 seconds to see if she hearted your comment but instead you’re the only one that liked your own comment

    • Hannah Meloche Vlogs says:

      hi ily <3

    • Leena Elyssa says:

      +Hannah Meloche Vlogs hi hannah, if u dont address the dote situation ur at risk of losing many minority viewers! You already look worse than ava and ellie by barely addressing the situation..

    • Rajvini Rout says:

      +Leena Elyssa hey I don’t know if u saw but she already replied to Avery M’s comment up above about the dote situation ?

  5. Sophia Palacios says:

    are you going to college next year??

    • ethereal angel says:

      man I was really looking forward to college vlogs next year ?

    • Nydia K says:

      She’s mentioned in a few videos how she is but she doesn’t want to give out the information on that yet. Watch the Coachella Q & A with Ellie. Ellie said she didn’t even know

    • kamari crews says:

      rachel. well maybe she doesn’t want to put that information out there. it’s no one else’s business but her’s

    • maddie miller says:

      she hasn’t said!

      ps i’m also a youtuber!!

    • Sophia Palacios says:

      kamari crews we’re all literally just wondering

  6. Frances Benefield says:

    omg ahhh!! you should spill on what the plans are after high school! like if u agree!

  7. Sarah Lyn says:

    Ahhhh can’t wait for a graduation vlog?!?!!!!! Anyone else?!?!? ???

  8. Avery M says:

    If you want to improve your vlog channel and main channel you should speak on the Dote diversity issue

  9. imnotaimee says:

    girl i just graduated and i’ve never felt this much *freedom in my life* lmao

  10. Emily strang says:

    idk if you’ve talked about this. but do you have any plans for college? or do you plan on going to college at all? btw love u?

  11. HeyItsAbby says:

    i know you addressed the dote issue on twitter but just wondering are you still gonna work with them??? i personally hope you don’t i know ava jules isn’t anymore but there’s so many videos about how dote treated black girls on the coachella and fiji trips 🙁 also if anyone doesn’t know what’s going on i have a video on my channel.

    • Brithany Ruiz says:

      rachel. right. it’s because her and all the white girls were treated the best on the dote trips so they wouldn’t be bothered by what was happening because they were still treated like queens. i bet they would say something if they got treated like the girls of color but of course they didn’t but it had to get called out for them to actually say something.

    • Kiana Gibson says:

      Brithany Ruiz where did Ava say she did

    • Brithany Ruiz says:

      Kiana Gibson on twitter

    • Maria Andy says:

      she just responded to someone’s comment: “there was a lot of things i was unaware of while working with them. i’m no longer working with dote. social media should be an inclusive space for everyone to collaborate, and share thoughts/ideas. companies that don’t respect that and discriminate on any level or encourage/endorse that kind of behavior are unacceptable and i do not wish to work with them”

    • GlassMannequins says:

      ellie isnt either

  12. Lucy J says:

    use this as a *i wish i looked like hannah meloche button*

    love youuuu hannah!!

  13. furkles says:

    So we’re just gonna ignore what’s going on with Dote? Not only that but you’re keeping their coupon code in your description? I love you Hannah but this is disappointing..

  14. maggie casper says:

    <3 uuuu

  15. Julia Head says:

    Does anyone else think that Hannah and Maddie actually sounded great singing together? ? why is no one talking about that

  16. ella says:

    could you please address the dote situation??? we’d all appreciate it if someone actually spoke about it. if we don’t hear anything then it’s easy to believe the worst, and i don’t want to to think of u the way that everyone’s portraying you??

    • Jack Kaufman says:

      Why would you say it’s easy to assume the worst. What is the worst to assume?? You idiots are so ignorant. The fact that dote is getting hate because an entitled “person of color” was crying that her and other girls weren’t having fun on a FREE trip to COACHELLA is disturbing. Hannah owes NOBODY any kind of apology or addressing of the situation because the situation was created by entitled girls who want to be victimized by society DESPITE GOING TO COACHELLA AND FIJI FOR FREE. OPEN YOUR EYES OH MY GOD.

    • woah ! says:

      +Jack Kaufman they weren’t asking hannah to apologise.. they were asking her to address the situation – there’s a difference. also, MULTIPLE girls who weren’t even on the SAME dote trip have made videos speaking up about the situation they were in. it’s bold of you to assume that they want to be victimised by society, so i’m just going to assume that you yourself have never felt like you don’t belong in a situation. all the girls were so grateful to be sent on those trips, i know that kianna and lisette for one took full advantage of the fiji trip, they participated in every activity, and went out of their way to learn the culture. and for dote? their ENTIRE instagram, filled with white- if not SKINNY girls. as soon as people start complaining, they start bringing in more plus size, woc, people that no one has EVER heard of before. it was obvious they did it in a rush, to try and save their backs. please know your stuff before you comment something as ignorant and stupid as that.

    • maddie miller says:

      probably just an issue with being under contract!!

      ps i’m also a youtuber!!

    • ivy p says:

      +Priya Sampat she said NOTHING. lol she blew it off like she wasn’t aware it was happening.

    • ivy p says:

      on twitter at least. Scroll up to comments she addressed it better there, although she should still say it in a video.

  17. Emma Weber says:

    6:42 Hannah and Maggie are actually such good singers!!❤️?

  18. Esther Renae says:

    You should make a video talking about ur plan after high school! maybe a Q&A

  19. Kayla Martin says:

    STILL waiting for hannah to talk about the dote situation 🙂 ily bby, but talk about it :)))

  20. amanda laurel says:

    ok but y did they low key harmonize when they were singing ??

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