I’m Back… and I Have Something to Tell You

I’m Back… and I Have Something to Tell You

Get Tickets Now ► http://www.ihavetodothis.show
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70 Responses

  1. UrbanRose says:

    Ethans hair is now POOFY and I’m living for it

  2. CrankGameplays says:

    I’m back. and I’m doing a show.

  3. PapaLantern- says:

    Ethan has been injecting Mark’s DNA directly into his hairline for years

  4. Josie Hammar says:

    Anyone else notice how his vibe is completely different after this break? He seems to have a clearer and more refreshed mind.

  5. Noelani B. says:

    Seeing Ethan grow since Unus Annus has been the best, I’m so proud for him for this. It’s nice because I have the same problem, toxic perfectionism that leads to commitment issues and stuff, and seeing him conquer it so beautifully is very inspiring. I hope he knows how important that is to a lot of folks.

  6. Alyssa Kenny says:

    Someone tell me why when I saw the title my immediate thought was : “OMG he’s pregnant”

  7. Gen. John MacNamara and his PEIPs says:

    Was I the only person who saw this and thought- “Pregante?!?!”

  8. Krissy True says:

    Dang- I wonder if he’ll stream the show for people who can’t go- most likley not T-T

  9. ChickenCing says:

    Ethan has done it again with the hair, he’s doing Mark’s strategy.

  10. SapphireDoesStuff says:

    You got this Eef, we’ll be here supporting you every step of the way.

  11. That One Dude says:

    He actually looks so much healthier. Tell me I’m wrong tho????

  12. Radioactive Mermaid says:

    The whole show is Ethan standing on a stage for an hour and a half.

  13. Lindsay Seelbinder says:

    Bruh the tickets are already sold out. It’s been 7 hours.

  14. How To Tell says:

    Ethan: I don’t know what the show is
    His fan base: G I M M E

    • Sami Parker says:

      the thing is, we would pay to watch him stare at a wall for hours. he could literally not come up with a show and no one would be mad about it

  15. Monika Diaz says:

    That break really did him well. His skin and hair looks healthier, he looks less tired and less frazzled. I can’t relate at all but I’m happy for him 😂

  16. Suprajira Morakot says:

    Eef: If you’re around or can get to the Chicago area, come see the show
    Me (Living in Chicago): I cann’tttt, the tickets are all sold outttttttt (T^T)

  17. No Gender, Only Soup says:

    Me, a broke child who lives in Canada and found out about the show after the tickets sold out: “I should go to this :)”

  18. TimeBucks says:

    I’m so proud for him for this

  19. Prison Mike says:

    We’re like those grandmas that be like “Omg, you grew” after haven’t seen a relative in months

  20. Vidio Unik says:

    U’r back, yeahh 🔥

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