*IM BACK* Murder In God’s Plan? A Fatal Attraction Or Abuse Of Power? Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

*IM BACK* Murder In God’s Plan? A Fatal Attraction Or Abuse Of Power? Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Hi friends! Happy 2022! Hope you are having a wonderful a fantastic new year so far, lol. I missed you. Thank you for letting me take a break for the holidays, and I am so happy to be back. Today I wanted to talk about a story, a story that we seem to know all too well, BUT what happens when the lord up above is brought into it? Mmmmhmm..
I would love to hear what you think down below! Also, let me know who you want me to talk about next week. I love and appreciate you guys so much and hope to be seeing you very soon.

xo bailey sarian


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40 Responses

  1. Val In Vogue says:

    Bailey: “But it wasn’t the husband, don’t get ahead of yourself!”
    Me: “OH C’MON!!”

  2. Irene Jobson says:

    They were definitely both manipulative beings who never should have met, and both should have been held equally accountable.

  3. sophia isabelle says:

    In all seriousness though, I feel sorry for Dianne Hood. Imagine getting cheated on and having to go through the extreme difficulties of dealing/battling with an autoimmune disease (aka lupus). She had kids to look after as well. And this woman by the name of Jennifer Reali just had to take away her own life in cold blood just because she was coerced. I mean, clearly, Jennifer is NOT the only one at fault here. Brian had been acting very suspicious right from the start. Both Jennifer and Brian needed to be held accountable. Well, this case happened ages ago, and so I guess they probably did just that a while back. Dianne had so much to look forward to in her own life. And these selfish people just had to get in her way.

  4. Erik Newman says:

    bailey: colorado springs is a nice. charming area.

    me, who lives there: *absolutely not*

  5. Leslie Bean says:

    I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that you -Bailey Sarian – now have 6 million followers. Are you aware that that is roughly 5 times as many as Paris Hilton?? Never before would that have been possible without YouTube. I love it, and hate its censorship all at the same time lol

  6. Sarah F Baybee says:

    The fact that you can say “slappin meats together” so casually and straight faced just makes me wanna be best friends that much more 😂😂😂

  7. Sunnie L says:

    I don’t think anything makes me more disgusted than people smiling in their mug shots.

  8. Jacqueline Knight says:

    I live in Canada so hearing: “this isn’t your typical gun where you’d like go into a Walmart and pick it up really quick” …it’s like super weird for me to wrap my head around how EASY it is to get a firearm in the states!

    • Thea Södermark says:

      Yea I was really freaked out as a foreigner coming to NYC seeing people coming in and out of gun shops so casually-

    • Teresa Powell says:

      Jacqueline, horrifically easy, especially at gun shows where they don’t do background checks in FL.

    • Lynnmarie Leung says:

      We live in MA, we don’t have this here. My husband and I went to Georgia for a wedding, ended up accidentally going into an Alabama Walmart for food/supplies (it was the closest one), and the gun section was right up front when you walked in, the grocery area was more in the back. We were both really shocked. I mean at least admit food is more necessary, right? Just like a little bit.

    • Alice says:

      @Kristine Teall i very certain yo missed the point of the comment but thatnks for that info?

    • morgan stack says:

      Hi! I’m from indiana & here you cannot purchase a firearm until you’re 21, but you can be “gifted” one under the age of 18 if it’s from a parent or guardian.

  9. s0lastsummer7 says:

    Ben was TOTALLY meant to take the fall for this. She wore HIS clothes, dumped them where they could be easily found WITH key evidence of the “robbery” AND she begged him to TAKE THE GUN BACK???? MA’AM. 🤨

    • Pandapetalflakes says:

      This!!! They planned it and conspired to put it on Ben!

    • Nadila says:

      I didnt even think about that. I just thought they clearly both wanted to do this, neither was manipulated. But I think you’re right, they were gonna frame Ben… smdh…

  10. Hayley Paige Reviews says:

    As soon as she said “it wasn’t the husband” I was like “he had a mistress and she killed her lovers wife and he made her think it was her idea” Later in the episode Bailey confirms 🤣🤣 I’m too obsessed with these

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