I’m Decorating Seashells Now

I’m Decorating Seashells Now

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Hey guys! this week Im going to share with you the continuation of a project that I started a long time ago and haven’t touched….FOR SIX YEARS. I collected all the seashells at the beach. Since they are so plain, they are perfect for decorating! I started painting these like crazy, and then stopped for whatever reason and left most of them unpainted. I didn’t finish all of them this week, but at least I got a couple more done.

I just recently posted my 2 part room tour and I shared my forgotten box of seashells with you guys. SOOO many of you commented asking me to make a video of how I decorate them. So, here ya go!

I think this is perfect timing, because it’s a great craft for summer, since a lot of people collect these seashells and then don’t end up knowing what to do with them. If your looking for an easy summer DIY , this is a cool, fun, creative activity you can do to spice up your collection.

–Paint brushes
–Acrylic paint
–Mod Podge
–Glitter (if you dare)

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53 Responses

  1. It’s the real Gia Marie says:

    “It’s more related than an apple.”
    that bit made me laugh so much ?

  2. Iman 1401 says:

    Video idea…

    Following a Bob ross tutorial on a sea shell.. The biggest one you have moriah… I luv u… U don’t have do do this.. This is just and idea.. Cause u are really good at painting.. Drawing?❤️??

  3. Cam ArEs says:

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Moriah: *AFTER 6 YEARS*

  4. Liberty Kaplan says:

    Can we have a video with either:

    Opie picking squishies for you to paint
    Or making an Opie squishy?

  5. Enya Alahakoon says:

    Isn’t that paint from your art room tour and you said you NEVER USED IT

  6. Kennesha Garg says:

    Can you please do a storage bin makeover #3? Also I love your videos they’re so original and honest ❤️❤️

    Pls like if u agree and want Moriah to see it!

  7. Richmond Bria says:

    i am STILL shook on how good she is at drawing and painting

    like if u agree

  8. Blackberry Tasha says:

    I have ideas
    1, husband face reveal
    2,opie picks my squishy to makeover
    3,Tie dye t shirts

  9. Sana Halimah says:

    Who wants Moriah to continue this as a series? ?
    Like if you do!

  10. Yan yan lintag says:

    Can you follow the bob ross art? I will be the happiest person in Earth ????

  11. lunar studio effects says:

    The Lily pad looks so 3D omg your such a amazing artist

  12. Lily xoxo says:

    Moriah : paints sea on a sea shell.
    Me: hears segulls.
    Also me : pauses video.
    also me: WuTtttt??

    *I* *don’t* *even* *live* *by* *the* *sea* *!*

  13. Laura Aesthetics says:

    The title of this “I’m decorating sea shells now” omg

  14. Kate Cohen says:

    Anyone else notice that when they got the notification the title said
    *’Decorating my old sea shells… its fun’* ???

  15. x.d.t.x says:

    try to follow a bob ross painting❤️ (maybe on a squishy)

  16. Meerah Almazmi says:

    Next vid:

    Opie picks my squishy for makeover ❤️

    Like so moriah can see it

  17. Manasvi Bhawan says:

    Can you please make painting tutorials (I love your videos)

  18. Sofia Tikotska says:

    Please do a squishy makeover but let Opie somehow pick your squishy love you so much ??

  19. Izzy XD says:

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments….

    Have a great day 😉

  20. Daniel Sumorok says:

    Hay Moria, can you please make a…


    (Please like so Moria can see this)

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