I’m Done With Halo Infinite

I’m Done With Halo Infinite

I’m officially done covering Halo Infinite and making videos on it. Splitscreen co-op may not be a big deal to some, but to me, these are broken promises that were made 5+ years ago. And I’m done with all the bs.

FYI this was recorded before Bonnie Ross announced she was leaving 343i. Just keep that in mind. Maybe there’s no point in boycotting a game when the promises I’m upset about were made by people no longer with the company.

#1 Introduction (Brace For Impact) – 0:00
#2 Reaction to the New Roadmap – 2:14
#3 Why Are Halo Fans Upset? Splitscreen CANCELED – 5:10
#4 The Significance of Splitscreen – 13:07
#5 343i Doesn’t Listen – Where are the Maps? – 19:10
#6 The New Content Planned For Infinite – 23:29
#7 Conclusion – 26:27

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38 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Ironic that Bonnie Ross would step down after I had this video set to publish while I’m on vacation. Still, not sure what to think.

    Do I boycott/stop playing a game because promises were made that weren’t kept? What if those promises were made by people no longer with the company? Not sure how to feel about it tbh.

    But I’m still tired of talking about this game. We’ll see what the future holds. I hope Forge is fun

    • Shadowstorm Vash says:

      I wonder if fake ass Markiplier was supposed to calm us down or invoke feelings of trust?

    • CowBoy 177 says:

      Stop playing the game because it isn’t fun. Don’t have to boycott it if the product isn’t even desirable in the first place. Halo killed itself, no one else is holding the knife but 343 and Microsoft

    • Amr Elemary says:

      @Shodar87 the campaign was pretty ok
      It’s certainly better than halo 4 and 5
      Maybe 7-8/10
      Fun enemies but repetitive missions and environments
      Also no split screen coop

    • Meruem says:

      Soo she wrecks the HALO franchise and then steps down like “alrighty, jobs done”? Lol

  2. StoneMountain64 says:

    This video goes HARD. And is AMAZING.

  3. Karl Rock says:

    I really believed in Halo Infinite and that I’d be playing it for 10 years straight with all the “live service” campaign DLC content that I thought was coming. I thought that’s what “Infinite” meant. I must’ve misunderstood something. It’s disappointing. I wish they’d just called it Halo 6 and left it at that. Anyway, I’ll always love Halo.

  4. Alien429 says:

    It’s ironic, as much as there have been games that over the years have labelled themselves as “halo killer”, the real halo killer might end up being halo itself.

    • Giorgi Aladashvili says:

      @Shiroi omoi Entire genres are dying out, not just franchises. RPGs, strategies, tactical FPS, so-called immersive sims, quality open world titles that are not Ubisoft-style grinders….

    • JohnSullivanMusic says:

      Its always that way, same thing with World of Warcraft. So many MMO’s labeled wow killer, but the MMO that killed wow was wow itself with their shitty updates and changes. They even killed classic, which was well received by the community at first because it was just their old game they even managed to fuck that up. every major franchise ends up destroying themselves when the people who had the original vision abandon the series, or move on. Its very very rare that someone can truly understand the vision of the original creators of a series once they have left.

    • moderndemon84 says:


    • xSheo says:

      @Shiroi omoi so true. honestly halo started dying a long time ago in 2012 when this weird f-ing sequel of an otherwise perfectly ended video game triology was released. watching this in september 2022 feels like standing on a graveyard, taking a look into a 6 feet deep hole with a completely rotten casket in it. its somehow just sad and i really hope video game developers and players in general one day will let this once great franchise finally rest in peace.

    • protoman64 says:

      This sounds like what people thought about destiny 2 for years, and look at that

  5. Swat Boi says:

    Now we just need a “We Didn’t Start The Fire” but with every single issue with halo infinite

    • Terry chimes says:

      Ironically our previously undying commitment for the franchise is probably what has got it to this point when something has this much attention it either goes really well or horrible wrong there doesn’t seem to many in betweens

  6. dany fg says:

    live services: “we can save money here and here and here and…”
    gamers: “what is going on?”

    • Clams says:

      Gaming has been corrupted by filth for the past 8-10 years. This is the natural progression of that. It’s taken what we held the most sacred.

    • Trai Forse says:

      From EA’s mtx to Ubisoft’s “You need a connection to play this singleplayer game” are perfect examples that live service is developing a ‘hype – release broken – _maybe_ fix later’ culture, especially for AAA games.

  7. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    Some of my best gaming memories were from Halo 2 and Halo 3. I’d play Rainbow Six Black arrow/Vegas as well, but if you say “Xbox” halo is what used to come to mind.

    I was so hyped for infinite but I haven’t touched it in months. The lack of content makes you feel like “yeah I’ve been here before” and it’s such a shame.

  8. Vatz says:

    Splitscreen is how my dad and I played Halo together back in the day, and we were both saddened by the fact that we couldn’t do that with Halo 5. Then Infinite was announced to have Splitscreen on launch, and I told my dad “hey dad-we can play Infinite together at least” and he agreed… And then Infinite launched with no splitscreen… I was upset and told my dad about that-he just shook his head in dissapointment. Then come to find out splitscreen is just cancelled entirely, and it just felt like a giant slap in the face. Complete and utter ignorance is what the decision to remove splitscreen was based upon-nothing more. So many people were looking forward to this-far more than some realize

  9. Hersh Mergersh says:

    It’s nice that people are starting to come to the same conclusions I reached about 5 years ago. Gaming is going backwards.

  10. Ten White Wings says:

    Appreciate the ability to take a topic that a lot of channels have already touched on and still give fresh and interesting takes/information.

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