I’m done

I’m done

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29 Responses

  1. Dapz says:

    “relatability will bring success and success will kill relatability”
    this hits hard for me.

    • Alex says:

      Do what makes you happy (much easier said than done), the passion will show and there will be people drawn to it. If you try to please people doing stuff that you don’t enjoy, you’ll attract followers who watch you for something you don’t like and might even be a bother because of it. You’re funny as heck, do what you really want to do and you’ll more likely have an audience who likes you for who you are.

    • SkullHead says:

      But then you see all these instagram and youtube kids with millions of followers living up the life, I think the audience just starts to shift instead

    • Ron Grethel says:

      I’ll never understand why people tear down people they lifted up.

    • Manuel Orellana says:

      Hey Dapz

    • Guille Arana says:

      Sometimes the internet has shown me quantum woo new age stuff, and I went out of my way to correct them in a mocking way.

      I guess I dont see internet posts/videos like the human beings that are behind them, the screen makes it easier to dissociate me from that, and also protect me from their comebacks.

      Im going to try to be as careful with my posts as I am with my words in real life.

  2. ElectroBOOM says:

    Yo Osman, you are naturally well spoken and funny and honest and make good contents unlike some of us around here (points to self)! I don’t think mean comments go anywhere, but I guess I’m just too old with some thick floppy skin that deflects them, you will be well in time too! Just enjoy making what you like and know that EVERYONE, even the mean commenters will like them. But they are made to be mean anyway, because that’s obviously how they can get the attention of their favorite youtuber.

    • Domus_Maximus says:

      Goddamn, ElectroBoom is so wholesome

    • Bohmshi says:

      th god has spoken

    • James Eady says:

      Thanks for supporting William 😊

    • Jordan Pinch says:

      I get it. you got to relies that people don’t know what happens to you so they say things because the lack of knowledge. or they want you to react they way your reacting they want you to talk about what they say to get verification that you mention them don’t let them get you to verify that they are holding your emotions at ransom. i love you i hope in some small way you can take something anything from this and just stop carrying about negativity and just do what you want.

    • aarocka11 says:

      Wow the guy who constantly shocked himself on camera has thick skin who would’ve figured

  3. OpenSourceLowTech says:

    I put a lot of stock in the sentiment of people who actually know me.

    Negative online comments which have a point I’m like, yeah fair enough. I never said I was perfect at this stuff I’m doing.

    The positive feedback just kind of, like you say, is there, and is nice, and fine whatever.

    The shittiest and meanest comments I post on my Facebook wall because they’re hilarious and I love them.

    The best thing you can be doing you already are; you have your wee community who do the same and get it and will show up for each other.

  4. Joredet says:

    Will, you’re one of the most pure and genuinely funny creators on this platform. Your personality allows that to shine through in every one of your videos. I know I speak for everyone when I say we don’t want you to stop posting or lose your creative drive, but at the end of the day we want what makes you the happiest.

  5. Rumpels says:

    It actually hurts to see how you, one of the nicest creators on the platform, are affected by all these people that are just on here to be mean… Giving criticism is one thing but as long as its positive in nature. If someone is giving criticism with the sole purpose of hurting you, then they are a terrible human being.

    I hope that you can find a way to look past the negativity and abuse and continue to do what makes you happy.

  6. k e i k o - Cold Coats says:

    Literally every person in this video has had a part in inspiring me to do what I do everyday, and I can’t help but feel sad that our favorite creators, entertainers, and just people have to go through any states of negativity. You’re all awesome, acknowledge the good comments and let the negative ones fade into obscurity because they most definitely do not represent the majority of your fans.✌️

  7. InvictusByzantium says:

    Ok, but can I just observe, for a moment, that using *part* of the gofundme money on something like a Disney trip *would genuinely* be using it well. I don’t know the final numbers from that fundraiser, but using some of that money on something to emotionally recover and recuperate after a horribly stressful incident would absolutely be valid. Some people are just assholes.

    • Steven Puckitt says:

      Once someone offers a gift they shouldn’t concern themselves with what it went to anyhow. If they didn’t want to give it away then they shouldn’t have in the first place. It’s not like it was a set fund for a specific thing like cancer that someone was blowing in Vegas. Some people are charitable because they wield it like a weapon against the receiver to manipulate them. People like that aren’t charitable, they’re controlling.

    • Bobzilla TheKilla says:

      @Steven Puckitt The thing is, the people complaining about how he spends the gofundme money aren’t the same people who donated, they’re random people who just want to be judgemental for the sake of it.

    • Steven Puckitt says:

      @Bobzilla TheKilla I’m sure that’s true.

    • StupidButtDumb says:

      I agree with this. I’ve known nothing but severe trauma in my life so far. There are days when I just have to recover. I’ll sit in a hot tub for hours on end, buy myself some new equipment, or take a trip. People give me shit for it all the time. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so direct with the haters that they end up disappearing. I just let myself say what I want to these people and it shocks them. Deep down, I’m a very sensitive and gentle soul. People have made me angry and aggressive. In balance it helps. Anyway, I’m glad you posted this comment. If my damn house burned down, I’d be devastated and go straight to the hot springs in the mountains for a while.

  8. Umbra♂ says:

    The more you talk to “content creators” the more you realize how “normal” this is. Take care of yourself Will, do what you gotta do.

  9. Kyle Hill says:

    I know this was hard to make, and I sincerely appreciate that you did make it. Here if you ever want to talk through shit.

  10. Lord Gizmo says:

    We may not be on the same spectrum of content made, in fact I’d argue completely different, but we understand. Hate is hate, and even when it makes up a small percent of the comments, it always feels like it drags you down. Don’t give it merit, they’re just people with their own issues who cope in their own, unhealthy ways.

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