i’m ending the vlog

i’m ending the vlog

the first episode; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnHCw87Enq4&index=1&list=PLTHOlLMWEwVy52FUngq91krMkQDQBagYw

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19 Responses

  1. Hugh Mungus says:

    let this man do what he thinks is right……Don’t unsub.Sub me

  2. ride'n Mumbai says:

    This is soo sad thing…

  3. Elenjoy Martinez says:

    So……… Ammmm.. That’s it?

  4. artti moore says:

    TRENDING #1 WORLD WIDE!!! Casey this means something. the world is
    literally ending. ???

  5. Julz34 says:

    If you keep dropping videos im good man

  6. HyperSpace says:

    Guess what else died in 2016? Fuck 2016!

  7. Hóla Ćomàstä says:

    i dont like watching kasey cuz he looks like a snapping turtle

  8. Fall Zinky says:

    This is not funny trying to be like pewdiepie and like him ending his
    birdabo or his vlogs

  9. Cameron Brown says:

    You can’t swing from vine to vine when Vine is dead

  10. El Jefe says:

    lol youtubers say this every other week. He’ll be back.

  11. Max Dobinson says:

    Thank lord this ogre looking cunt is away quit u mugg

  12. Jessie Wallace says:

    who is casey neistat ….

  13. Maria Leavitt says:

    sorry buddy but vine is over so you can’t swing from vine to vine

  14. TyIxr says:

    If you make a cinema, put DiCaprio, Will Smith, or Tom Hardy in it.

  15. K Slays says:

    I’m gonna miss watching your daily vlogs, but, nevertheless, I’m happy that
    you want to keep challenging yourself and being better than you already
    are. If you’re reading this Casey, ignore all of the negativity/stupidity
    in many of the other comments and focus on what you want to do. Good luck
    getting to the next vine in your jungle. Peace✌️️

  16. AS Productions 2016 says:

    Wtf!!! Please Dont do This

  17. JRAB FILMS says:

    Do what you want Casey, go for it!

  18. dany hoyos says:

    Casey u cant swing from vine to vine! Vine is dead

  19. naw2 says:

    I respect that evolve , its hard to do so if you already feel comfortable
    with what you doing papa bless