I’m finally going pro in Rocket League…

I’m finally going pro in Rocket League…

Happy to announce that I’ll be joining the pro NRG Rocket League team as a sub with @SquishyMuffinz, @GarrettG, and @JSTN being the starters

In the main portion of the video, I do a two different 2v2 tournaments: 1 with @GarrettG and 1 with @Sizz. Whoever I can get more goals with by the end of the tournament will be crowned champion!

Epic Partner Creator Code: MUSTY

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🎮My Rocket League Coaching Profile🎮

Car Colors and Settings: https://youtu.be/R6uvRkcy-Sw

0:00 – announcement video
3:03 – how it all happened
6:42 – garrett tourney
14:20 – sizz tourney

Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

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53 Responses

  1. amustycow says:

    ‘LETS GO’ chain below 😤😤😤

  2. Thanovic says:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONGRATS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Sizz says:


  4. Mr-Napkin says:


  5. Oskar Wade says:

    Musty: “They’re panicking”
    Who wouldn’t panic against musty tho

  6. Brian says:

    LOOOOOL I had a discussion with someone about your potential about a year ago and he kept saying how you will never be able to reach the pro scene.

    Wish I put up a bet.

  7. Linton FOR says:

    Musty going pro: well i cant show my faults
    editor: imma ruin this mans whole career

  8. Roche May says:

    musty: if you guys ever need a sub…
    the rest of the team: laughing

  9. TimeBucks says:

    Finally playing in rlcs as a pro with his favorite players

  10. QuantumProst says:

    “got it”
    -GarretG b4 hitting the hardest double touch ever

  11. Wesley Harderwijk says:

    9:16 i love it that he’s wearing Mertzy’s merch

  12. Austin the dog says:

    When musty was born: Hey gamer

  13. i hate everything about you Man says:

    Lmao imagine “Ok boys game 7, Justin out musty in”

  14. Are x says:

    Well done,ive been watching for a few years now and im happy that you have finally reached the milestone of going pro.I can’t lie though, after that video with squishy it was a great forshadowing of what was yet to come.

  15. Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say says:

    The platinum grand champ community appreciates your attention and solutes you.

    Edit: damn it I’m back in diamond🙄🙄

  16. Rayan Khawajac says:

    I actually felt bad from the beggining i almost cried

  17. HamdyPlayz says:

    Anybody noticed that Musty was wearing Mertzy merch?

  18. MrBroGuy says:

    Musty: goes pro
    Also Musty: 13:13

  19. Nicola Carpineti says:

    Just a question. Like my gf says to me all the time: “Are you in?”

  20. Max Mayer says:

    In 5 days: “hey gamer i got banned from NRG”

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