I’m going on antidepressants

I’m going on antidepressants

Let’s see.

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Anagnostis says:

    Anna, I haven’t seen many of your videos and don’t know what other methods
    you have used to cope with depression besides St. John’s Wort. You seem
    like the type of person who really researches things a lot. That being
    said, I would encourage you to look into alternatives. While I understand
    your position, SSRIs have a reputation for dampening your overall mood
    while only putting a band-aid on the symptoms, and they create tons of
    problems when trying to stop.

    Your psychiatrist is enforcing his paradigm that depression can be chalked
    up to brain chemistry, which is an inadequate theory. Yes, he might be a
    licensed psychiatrist but comparing depression to allergies is an erroneous
    view of how the brain works. Mindsets like these encourage drug dependence.
    Underneath depression are traumatic experiences that must be worked
    through. If you are totally set on trying antidepressants, by all means try
    them out, they may actually be enough for you. However, I would encourage
    you to take a look at other means of coping with depression.

    Check out these documentaries on Netflix: “Neurons to Nirvana” and “The
    Culture High”

    Take care.

  2. quant65 says:

    Get Healthy, Stay Healthy. O and leave Ca

  3. Victor Adjei says:

    Can you let us know how the medication treats you?

  4. Jessica Greene says:

    I am proud to see you take a step! Take care of yourself 🙂
    I am on anti-depressants and I am glad to be on them, otherwise I am an
    emotional wreck!!! But!!! I Do want you to know that you may need to try a
    few different ones before finding the right fit. So don’t assume the first
    one will work for you, and make sure to tell that to your doctor! Don’t be
    afraid of depression, best thing is the admitting and then taking the steps
    that you know will conquer. I still have spells, but I know I just need to
    let it pass. Good luck to you Anna!

  5. steve Ortiz (STRM TRPPR 7) says:

    You just need to date me.

  6. Andrew H. says:

    you are so fucking pretty it hurts…

  7. MarquettePark says:

    I was prescribed prozac three years ago,,,after six months on it,,,,only 20
    mg a day,,my life has changed for the better in every way,,,,I suffer from
    depression but i am a changed for the better man,,,,because of it,, I wont
    go back,,,,to before prozac,,,

    my only side effects was heartburn with a little nausea because i wouldnt
    wait long enough after breakfast to take it,,,,,,

    Good Luck to you,,,,I believe you will feel better ,,,,dont let depression
    get to you so much,,,,that it would interfere even while you read or watch
    TV,,thats needless suffering,,,its a hard road ahead,,,,but im glad i took

  8. CRaYzi5k8z Brand says:

    Donnie darko

  9. xodancerxo312 says:

    Yikes the comments are so gross :/ 1) guys depression is a chemical thing
    in the brain you can’t just positive think it away 2) just because
    something worked or didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it will or won’t work
    for somebody else. 3) Anna, you are very brave for sharing this and I would
    love to hear about your experiences with antidepressants, as I have thought
    about trying them myself.

  10. Audio Blur says:

    Why is this trending? It’s just a lady complaining about herself.

  11. Gary Hawkins says:

    Hello Anna, Here’s what’s going on with you, and none of it is your fault.
    First, I’m going to establish that I know what I’m talking about, by
    declaring, that outside of this new revelation of depression, the other
    thing that you have not revealed to us, is the occasional seizures. Am I
    right? It’s too touchy to talk about, right? I should know. There’s a
    solution to the entire thing.
    This should clear things up:
    a) The parasite that rewires mouse brains to like the smell of cats has
    taken up residence in your amygdala and it affects human behavior.
    b) It interferes with GABA, the brain’s inhibitory neurotransmitter. Search
    for: gaba signaling creepy
    c) SSRI drugs like the one given to you ameliorate the situation while they
    really don’t quite understand how.
    d) There is an over-the-counter substance that re-supplies GABA, and you’ll
    be amazed. I say to myself, wow, this must be how normal people feel all
    the time, it feels great to feel normal.
    So contact me, I can tell you more. It’s fascinating stuff. It’s got you
    now, but you can beat it. Find me via nrgcycle.

  12. Byro says:

    depression runs through all of us but hits others (harder) but we manage to
    get through it because we ain’ts goin to die bruh

  13. CMDR Cookie says:

    I have nine different medications for mental stability disorders (NOT
    learning disorders, people have given me shit for that). I’m not going to
    list all I have, but depression and anxiety are among them. Without the
    medicine, I would be in a horrible place. You are making the right choice,
    and I’m with you all the way Anna. Stay strong, please.

  14. Aowwl says:

    That editing is fucking amazing.

  15. Madelyn Mackintosh says:

    Props to Bethany, too. The editing in this video was pretty cool.

  16. sasha m says:

    Hey, Anna, really proud of you for making this video. Ignore all the
    negative people in the comments, and I hope you feel better.

  17. Steve Kesner says:

    Anna, you’re amazing and wonderfully unique. I hope your quality of life
    grows exponentially. I have depression as well, and I know it doesn’t go

    You probably won’t see my comment, but kind words never hurt. May life be
    extremely good to you. I hope you kick depression in the ballbag.

  18. lovelyshadows says:

    I hope it’ll help you! I’m on antidepressants, and it actually helps me, so
    I really do hope it’ll be good for you as well <3

  19. eyerus says:

    I hate mental health stigmas I’m glad your raising awareness for us 🙂 I’m
    sad it’s pricey to the point where I fully can’t receive the help I need ?

  20. xoxfiftyytwo says:

    i usually hear great things about fluoxetine! maybe that’s one type you
    should look into