“I’M GOING TO DROWN RYAN GARCIA!” Gervonta Tank Davis | Off the Cuff

“I’M GOING TO DROWN RYAN GARCIA!” Gervonta Tank Davis | Off the Cuff

Gervonta Tank Davis sat down ahead of his upcoming fight against Ryan Garcia to talk about his early childhood struggles, how he got into boxing, and how he’s going to beat Garcia on April 22.

Watch Tank vs Garcia live on Pay Per View April 22.

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43 Responses

  1. Just M5 says:

    This interview made me have a newfound respect for Gervonta. He’s really a humble young man with a lot of pain and suffering in his life. Respect & Love Gervonta Davis!!!!🥊🥊🥊

  2. YaBoy Geezy says:

    DAZN if you see this comment please keep doing these interviews with fighters with people in the background in a boxing ring. Love the whole feel of it all. Even the people talking in the background just brings a different type of feeling to the interview. Even if it’s just random fighters that aren’t fighting just do interviews like these. Just amazing all around.

  3. enlightened1 says:

    It’s amazing how a person can change another person’s life by just caring for them. Coach Calvin is the true champion 🏆

  4. Corray Bowens says:

    Shawn asked all of the right questions 🥊💪🏾 Great interview 👏

    • hardhitter387 says:

      Thank you I said the same thing

    • Zachs Fight007 says:

      TANK might have hands of stones, But Best believe Garcia’s Bones cannot be broke!

      Garcia might have the lightning of speed, But TANK has got slow motion to see!

      Let’s see the outcome 22nd on Saturday! 🥊

  5. R. D. says:

    Porter brought out the most coherent Tank I’ve seen so far. You can tell Tank respects him tremendously. Great interview.

  6. Trayvond Etienne says:

    This was a fantastic interview. That boy locked in

  7. Zorro says:

    First time I seen Tank getting choked up about his upbringing. Love him or hate him, his story is admirable

  8. Black Yoda says:

    This interview was way too real. Only another seasoned Champion could asked questions in this way and still share valuable info with Gervanta. Honorable mention to the suit! Bravo!

  9. Natural Me America 2011 says:

    This is so interesting cause Shawn worked with Gervonta for his camp.Also Shawns dad is actually in Gervonta’ s corner for this fight. Best interview with Gervonta I have seen,thanks Shawn for keeping it real.

    • Forgiato Capone says:

      Tank winning this in unanimous decision

    • Forgiato Capone says:

      ​@Zachs Fight007 let’s put them bones to the test I have Tank knocking Ryan down multiple times before the 9th round compared to Tanks 1

    • Money Gramz says:

      That’s a fact you can tell tank is comfortable talking to Shawn. Hands down the best interview tank has had it’s all about comfortability them other dudes tank don’t know at all.

    • Theme says:

      ​@Zachs Fight007 I like that

  10. N10 says:

    What a great interview. Tank is so honest and genuine that it makes it hard to dislike him. Real inspiration.

    • ThaImperial97 says:

      ​@KING DAVID IS ALIVE just hope you stay a nobody so your personal life isn’t exposed 😂

    • JohnT says:

      Only casuals pick Tank to win he has no chance against Ryan he is too small, flat footed and slow for Garcia he struggled against little Leo and Pitbull, Ryan is gonna KO him Fonseca style and anyone who claims something else is either biased or delusional.

    • Paper Chased Me Beats says:

      Producer here 🔥

    • Marco Petraglia says:

      tank beats women… real inspiration

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