I’m Home Safe From Surgery!

I’m Home Safe From Surgery!

feeling a little bit better already. been home a couple of days but its been hard to work or concentrate on anything. But i’m home and I wanted to talk to you about how the surgery went

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20 Responses

  1. Dr. Bees says:

    Lol congrats you big dumb

  2. nikkiah123 says:

    WOW, this video was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to hear from you for a while, I give God praise. I’m so happy to see your surgery went well Boogie, take care man. Can’t wait on the next update

  3. Jeff Stukas says:

    Did my taxes pay for that?

  4. Basketball Fanatic says:

    Play basketball

  5. MrJoaap5 says:

    HE’S ALIVEEEE!!!!!!!

  6. TheWebaa says:

    Bro I just found out boogie lives close to me! Wtf how cool! I think it’d be cool to meet him.

  7. adnan Sharafat says:

    Get well soon

  8. Ultra Frisky says:

    i thought u died lol.. they showed u dead in 4chan xD

  9. Dylan Smith says:

    I’m glad you have a vagina now.

  10. muriatic acid says:

    Boogie. this is what obesity leads you too! you have to exercise!

  11. Bruno Zanette says:

    i want to rub that belly

  12. Tomalus says:

    Glad everything went well you gonna get better

  13. Fabián Jopia Troncoso says:

    That’s a big fupa, hope it goes away soon

  14. Raptormon OneThreeTwo says:

    Hey, Boogie.
    You should do a low carb diet. My parents are doing it, and they are shedding kiloes off in a matter of weeks.

  15. Gaming Foxy says:

    Can we be friends on Pewdiepie TuberSimulater pls GamingFoxyYT7

  16. Hot Ch33se says:

    Just water fast like progamerjoe

  17. Stingernukegod says:

    Good Job!

  18. John James says:

    Addicted to oxy now?

  19. David Gonzalez says:

    My nigga living . much love

  20. MyNigger says:

    Fuck he didn’t die 🙁

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