I’m late to this Viral Ramen Hack

I’m late to this Viral Ramen Hack

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40 Responses

  1. mabeliita says:

    Have you tried the hack of tossing the noodles in a sauce made with butter, garlic, red pepper flakes, soy sauce and brown sugar, you drain noodles and mix with the sauce and then scramble an egg in the same pan and mix all together… very tasty!

  2. Dana Ali says:

    This looks yummy but are the eggs cooked all the way? Is the heat of the boiling water enough? (Just wondering)

    • Shalom Antony says:

      @Alan As an Indian, they’re pretty overcooked at home yeah, but as a general thing I don’t think Indian cuisine has raw egg in it at all. Most meats are cooked through, I cant really think of any dishes that requires raw meat of any kind, eggs and milk included.

    • Alan says:

      @Shalom Antony ty for the explanation 🙂

    • olivia says:

      @lequesha it actually doesn’t have that strong of a smell, just smells like normal ramen

    • Benjamin C Laldintluanga says:

      @ADITI ANANYA Advik same here!! As much as it looks good and will taste good I just can’t no hard feelings

    • imsickofu says:

      @ADITI ANANYA Advik I’m sorry but you should definitely try this. Once I ate my ramen mixed with egg. It was extremely good

  3. Roman Sakurov says:

    Yay another person who uses scissors to snip up some green onions or herbs ^^ I do this too when I’m too lazy to cut them the traditional way with a good old knife

  4. KeyTech says:

    It was actually from a Japanese video which was first translated by “Way of Ramen” into English for us to enjoy, his video did cover the original video as well

  5. Lisa Nguyen says:

    Have you tried this?

  6. Calley Wang says:

    Looks like a ramen carbonara. I bet it would be delicious!

  7. 𝐼𝓈𝓈𝒶 says:

    My mind is not convinced about the egg being cooked
    (I know it’s cooked but I can’t convince myself to eat it😔)

  8. dinkypoo92mkm says:

    This looks pleasantly delicious. I’m trying to do more with ramen but haven’t gotten too far in terms of experimenting, the closest today was making a regular pack of ramen, frying and egg and topping it with chives. Although I did put salt pepper and garlic powder on top of the egg whilst frying, it was pretty good for being a bit plain compare to what you do with ramen. 😅 thanks for trying and sharing , I shall try this soon. Xoxo love from Trinidad

  9. Georgia Seddon says:

    I’ve seen your videos loads and love them they’re so soothing, I tried making steak, ramen and spinach spring rolls with other veggies, I really love cooking and I feel like I did a great job, however I could let get past the gummy texture of the rice paper which is a real shame since I spent a good 2 hours on the dish 🥲

  10. Raquel says:

    I do something similar except I combine egg yolks with the seasoning packet, slowly add water and add the egg whites to the noodles when they’re almost done cooking. Adding the Mayo sounds delicious, it probably makes it so creamy.

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