Hey gang! Just wanted to let you know that I will continue making videos for the foreseeable future! I LOVE MY JOB!!

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  1. Herobrine's Gamer says:

    It’s an April Fool
    He is retiring… OBVIOUSLY

    OK I think the joke was to confuses us
    Will I hope atleast…

  2. Julian Harris says:

    Mark: “I’m not retiring!’
    Me: Oh, that’s cool
    Also me: *realizes it’s April 1st*… Oh sh*t

  3. Qixley says:

    mark: *I am not retiring in any way, shape, or form.*

    me: *[sweats nervously]*

  4. FreaX Curze says:

    Wait… I’m confused… It’s April fools day and Mark says he is “not” retiring. So he is retiring? Plus in the description he says he loves his job…

  5. Luther Moskal says:

    Mark: I’m not retiring.


  6. Chesa Liam says:

    literally nobody:

    mark: I AM NOT RETIRING!

  7. Homo Erectus says:

    Decoded! Today was actually a nice day in LA meaning everything in this video is true and not false so it it not considered a “fools”

  8. x VMB x says:

    I’m very confused.
    Is he joking?
    Is he being serious?
    DoNt Do ThIs To OuR fEeBlE hEaRtS, yOu AsShOlE

    • Jaden Kingsley says:

      x VMB x the joke was that since it is April Fools day, we will take everything as a joke, so he is confusing us into believing something false. The whole thing is a joke, he was “fooling” us by making us think he is joking?

    • Paula Pitts says:

      He’s joking. He has to much to lose

  9. Emymo says:

    * sees notification for this video *
    *Dad shouting from upstairs:* WHY ARE YOU CRYING SO DAMN LOUD??

  10. Coco Courtski says:

    0:03 it’s a beautiful day outside..
    birds are singing, flowers are blooming..
    on days like these, kids like you..
    should be telling more April Fools jokes

  11. Blooke Caboose says:

    *So… Its a gorgeous day outside
    *The sun is Shining
    *The birds are singing
    *On Days like This
    *i should walk with chica.
    [marklovania with borks starts playing]

  12. noah rouan says:

    Everyone thought the same thing when he said this and realized that it was april fools
    Me and everyone: OH S#@$!

  13. TrickZ says:

    Fans: Phew, I thou-
    Realizes it’s april fools day

  14. Brielle Neels says:

    Me: *confused*
    Also Me: _realizes its April 1st_
    Still Me: *has breakdown*

  15. Abraham Burciaga says:

    Mark: I’m not retiring
    me:*looks at calendar seeing it’s April fools day*

  16. 100 mill subs without vids says:


  17. MyVeryEnergeticMotherJustServedUsNinePizzas says:

    Mark: “I’m not retiring in any way, shape, or form.”
    Me: Oh, that’s nice to know.

    Me: Wait…

  18. Keirstyn Kat says:

    Mark: Hey guys, I’m not retiring
    Me: *checks the video date*
    Date: *is April 1st*
    *suspicion intensifies*

  19. Donielle Love says:

    Normal jokes on April Fool’s Day: Whatever ?
    This particular video on April Fool’s Day: *ANXIETY OVERLOAD ENGAGED* ??

  20. Octo Zapper says:

    Let’s see here, it’s April 1st, check. Mark makes video on April 1st, check.

    But he said he wouldn’t be retiring.

    Seems suspicious…
    But hey, that’s a theory! A ga- okay I’ll show myself out
    EDIT: I’m going to like my own comment cause no one else will.

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