I’m finally moving to LA to be with the bros from the Clout House and the FaZe House, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Give this video a thumbs up if you’re hyped!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

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48 Responses

  1. Mythic Burns says:

    I want to see Molly Eskam visits the FaZe House as the next video.
    Like if y’all agree.

  2. Abdullah Tariq says:

    plzzzz dont move we will miss moly mama and papa rug and kelin plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont move
    u make fire content in san diego

  3. Luke Fortnite 2007 says:

    Amagin bosly watching this video and he sees rug kiss cizzorz dog ace. 😂😂😂😂

  4. HK 7 says:

    Honestly…I don’t like that Brian is moving to the faze house.

  5. Tucker Terranova says:

    Do whatever you want it’s ur life thanks for the great content!

  6. sahmae mian says:

    can u not take your dod with u can u plaza replay I really look up to you everyone smash the like button

  7. Great Value Bleach says:

    Guys this is an April Fools prank sorry if I crushed your dreams 😂

  8. Amador Soto says:

    Rug likes his dog more than his parents 🤦‍♀️

  9. Evan Hoffman says:

    Start cleaning get to work. Start by waxing TFUE Tesla. And clean the rugs

  10. Great Gamer says:

    Who else thinks less of rug for being on a team not his self , and who else likes the old rug😢😖

  11. connor matthews says:

    I don’t think you should move to the faze house permanently staying there for a week or too yeah that’s fine but a full on move no.
    you’re home is San Diego bro
    And in the future you be be looking into buying your dream home in San Diego.

  12. The blank channel says:

    Tbh I want you to stay but it’s important to be happy so if it makes you happy I guess I’m happy 😀

  13. RipItRandy TW says:

    happy for you bro, i love the vids when you’re out in LA <3

  14. Hoodie Boy says:

    I rather watch family vlogs and his cousin

  15. Scarlett Sewap says:

    You make your videos so funny and they live the elite they make me 😂 I love you 😍

  16. Tiffany Narvaez says:

    It looks like they don’t even want rug there
    Don’t move

  17. Cassandra Alexander says:

    I believe you should do whatever you want but also get another dog to not to replace bosley just to have a nother companion at that house to

  18. Gabe Av says:

    What about Kaelyn? Aren’t you guys dating?

  19. Henline Sisters says:

    Thank you Rug for taking time out of your day and making these videos love you so so much

  20. Danya Hamdan says:

    Hey Rug do what u feel is the best I really think it’s a good idea to move into the faze house because it is a nice change but it’s your decision I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND YOU💙🥰💜💙🥰💜

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