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Phil of the future made a robo girl or something

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48 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    Danny should’ve edit himself as a single pixel while talking about this movie. It would probably be top notch comedy.

  2. 2019 Guy says:

    Danny, hear me out on this. There’s a 2014 Disney movie called Zapped, starring Zendaya. It’s about a girl who has a device that can control boys to do whatever she wants. It’s pretty weird and wacky and as you can expect, A bit disturbing when you look deeper at the implications of having such a device and I think you should check it out.

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    The trilogy is complete. I’m radio rebel, I’m lemonade mouth, and now… I’m pixel perfect.

  4. Bert Geronimo says:

    “She can’t go outside or she’ll be destroyed” “The rain must be nice”. Gee, I wonder how this movies gonna end

  5. emmmabooks says:

    Idk if any young adult fiction readers are reading this comment, but my FAVORITE fun fact about Pixel Perfect is that Neal Shusterman, author of Unwind, Challenger Deep, and Scythe wrote this movie!!!! 🙂

  6. RedBaron 71 says:

    “They’re making you study white women in math class” lmao

  7. DIEtryin' Undeleted says:

    not to be “that guy” about plot holes, but in danny’s sketch where he trips on that death-trap of a cable and falls into his father . . . he was going in for a hug anyways, so either way the kid was going to find out his father was a hologram.

  8. ◦ Randaku◦ says:

    “the computer uses echolocation to-“

    the computer:


  9. Nick Cariglio says:

    “I’m radio rebel”
    “I’m lemonade mouth”
    “I’m pixel perfect”
    These are some weird ass nicknames

  10. Crime O’ Clock says:

    Ok but why did the cat make him think to create a human woman 💀💀

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