“I’m Ready To Go PRO!” Jaden Newman Is Going To The WNBA? Julian Newman Plays NBA Hoopers For CASH!

“I’m Ready To Go PRO!” Jaden Newman Is Going To The WNBA? Julian Newman Plays NBA Hoopers For CASH!

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In this episode of Hello Newmans, Jaden Newman and the fam go for some hibachi in Las Vegas, and of course they cause a scene at the restaurant!

Later, Julian Newman plays in Metta World Peace’s (aka Ron Artest) celebrity game against former NBA hoopers. The winning team gets $5k cold, hard cash! If that’s not enough, Jamie is coaching Julian’s team. He almost starts a fight! The game comes down to the wire, DEFINITELY check that out.

Finally, Julian puts some work in at Ethika, and afterward, him and Jaden do an interview. They both talk about their pro dreams, and Jaden opens up about her plans for AAU and the WNBA. Check that episode out!

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101 Responses

  1. Dezavite says:

    LOL y’all not going to any league I’m sorry Julian I respect your grind and your game but you not making it to the NBA bro… but don’t ever quit

    • Cee Lundy says:

      @NotHacking 0P Bounce has nothing to do w a team drafting short players. If Julian gets a better shot, decision making, and creates offense for other players he has a shot to play pro anywhere period.

    • Lagos Fury says:

      @YTAnte- but even those players were special enough to get D1 offeres coming out of HS..he has ZERO?with all the EXPOSURE he got,,its been very very few who had meaningful nba careers at his height bro

    • NotHacking 0P says:

      @Cee Lundy but does he have a good shot ? Does he create offense for other players ? Is he a good decision maker ? The answer to all of these is NO. It’s his senior year but we haven’t seen him play for months wants to go overseas but God knows how many offers he got . Tbh his teammate Emmanuel Maldonado has a better chance in making the league he balled out against all the top teams IMG, SPIRE etc

    • NotHacking 0P says:

      @Cee Lundy at this point all he can do is fuckin’ pray that he gets an offer from the G-league or something so he atleast gets drafted then if he doesn’t perform even in the G-league he’ll be forgotten so it’s best if he continued this show of his and played in some random league overseas cuz he gonna get clapped in the NBA period.

    • Cee Lundy says:

      @NotHacking 0P I’m just saying those are the attributes he needs to even make pro, forget the NBA or G-League he’s barely skilled enough to play at a D2 college lol. I think within the next couple years he can def earn his way through smaller overseas teams in Europe. And you right, he’ll get completely clapped in the league, but look at players like VanVleet and Augustine, small guards with little athleticism but know exactly what to do in any situation. His only chance of making it is if he emulates their games.

  2. Son Goku says:

    Julian should be a YouTuber like Tristan Jass or something. Just face it he’s not a pro.

    • spencer shaw says:

      @Tee na julian is 5’5 5’6 which shorter then a mf specially to be tryna play in the NBA i don’t know what him and his pops smoking on but it must be some goodshit

    • Ryan says:

      @Tee its unusual, but you could definitely have a late growth spurt, and I got high hopes for you if you’re dad is 6’8. I’m just talking about Julian. Kid and his family are a laughing stock

    • Lissette Arroyo says:

      Best he can do is be a YouTuber

    • Peter El-arif says:

      Fax he could use his clout and turn it into a career and make good money

    • Lagos Fury says:

      @Elite where?the midjet league?who iz he gonna guard??

  3. conquerant mutombo says:

    Why did Overtime EVER put his name in the same BREATH as LaMelo 😭

    • Richard Buckle says:

      At least lavars kids succeeded unlike the newmans

    • Val_TheMenace - says:

      @Bradley melo was droppin 92 wym. All Julian did was dribble and he’s never changed

    • Bradley says:

      @Val_TheMenace – they didn’t compare them at that time it was when they were like freshman and 8th graders

    • psg d says:

      @Richard Buckle yes. Both of these dads looked like idiots at times but when things came to the end 1 has 2 in the nba and 1 in the g league. the other has one going to play in a league in finland and the other will make a bag off of onlyfans

  4. Lucas Morgan says:

    Welp here’s another episode of “ungrateful kids”

  5. Brayden Mack says:

    This actually might be a great reality show because of all the drama

  6. Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert says:

    I actually thought this show ended, why is it still here.

  7. Poop.on.console says:

    Ready to go pro. 😂 Man doesn’t even have a D1 offer

  8. Zack Young says:

    Julian needs to keep putting in the work and he can become a professional basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters

  9. Vicartier says:

    “My dad always thinks everyone is the best at everything”

    Explains a lot ….doesn’t it Julian 😂

  10. Insightfr says:

    Jamie really said he’d put that chef against anyone 😭

  11. Just a scared hamster says:

    I never want to see Jamie Newman topless again. Please Overtime, even if it’s only in the opening don’t do it.

  12. SellOut_Mike says:

    I though it said sum Julian Newman going to the WNBA and I was like y’all green for that

  13. EliteMixtapes says:

    Shoutout OT

  14. Syahmi says:

    if he really want to go pro, his dad should sent him to real trainer instead of his dad training him

  15. Thomas Murillo says:

    Jayden says she goin to the WNBA🤣 she would be better off selling bath and body products in the mall💀

  16. Jerm_ Too Dope says:

    Im sorry julian not going to the league, his best bet is to make a hooping yt channel like Friga or Tristan Jass he’ll get a ton of money and views

    • ezekiel Von lichenstein says:

      Honestly I think Tristan Jass has more of a chance then julian

    • Me My Lady and the Dogs says:

      He got a better chance of getting a Degree and getting a good paying job.. Balling ain’t his Strong suit At All him and his sister…. just my opinion

    • tarpparty says:

      @Me My Lady and the Dogs Which was also messed up by their dad making up a fake high school and effectively ruining their traditional education. Not that Downey Christian was some amazing institution, but at least it was accredited.

    • BK_Majestic says:

      @Mid City qPa is aaaaaaaaaw

    • Kyle Zxc says:

      @Xavier Eusty stgu daaawg your dude aint gonna do shit in the league like oh hello “dribble pull up” all the fvkin time lmfao

  17. Kirat Nijjar says:

    Jaden’s just waiting to be 18 so she can start a onlyfans

  18. Luke Quinn 11 says:

    Julian: Hits a Three

    His Dad: “Ya he took over the game”

  19. TimeBucks says:

    These episodes are addicting.

  20. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    I’m a pro farter

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