“I’m Scared For My Sixers” | The Inside Guys Preview Sixers-Raptors Playoff Series

“I’m Scared For My Sixers” | The Inside Guys Preview Sixers-Raptors Playoff Series

Chuck and Shaq break down the Sixers-Raptors series in the first round of the playoffs.

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56 Responses

  1. GA 34 says:

    Barkley to Ernie: Good thing about the Lakers is that next year they’ll be even older 🤣🤣🤣 man I’ve missed these guys.

  2. Hunttu says:

    Thank god Ernie and Chuck are back on those chairs! Show is nothing without them.

  3. Parmeet Rawal says:

    Shaq backing up real quick with his Sixers vs Raptors series predictions 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

    • James Taschereau says:

      @Wavi Oli yeah I agree. Thad adds much needed secondary bench playmaking and both precious and Boucher have been great shooters.

    • Wavi Oli says:

      @Muh Fadlan I agree. But I think it’s going to be 8 man rotation… going with Precious, Chris, and Thad. And those 3 have been pretty consistent through the season especially since the arrival of Thad.

    • Petesilvo says:

      @Vega you trippin’ Raptors in 6

    • Ben says:

      @usmc don’t worry dude. Ernie respecting your raptors

    • Ben says:

      Lol shaq analysis is always about superstars needing to score certain number of points. I’m an average Joe. I can say the same thing that embiid and harden needs to score 40 lol

  4. NinongVicTV says:

    “The one good thing about the Lakers, America, they gonna be even OLDER next year” – Charles Barkley 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Sports311 says:

    With the sixers lacking bench production, Harden not playing up his standards as a superstar and Thybulle not playing in Toronto, I think that they’re going to be in a dogfight with the Raptors. So, I don’t know what kind of team Philadelphia is going to be

    • Alex says:

      Maxey and Green better make those 3’s if Tobias don’t pull through it’s curtains for Philly

    • Retro Mirzie says:

      @elc I’m not trolling nor is other grown men lives the source of my youthful exuberance 😂😂 try again buddy. But scottie def ROY imo

    • elc says:

      @Retro Mirzie Ah Sunshine troll someone who cares about your bs lol. I don’t get my self esteem from my sports teams & I finished high school a long time ago 🤣
      And yes Scottie should be ROY but too many voters never actually watch raps play more then a game or 2 a year ugh.

    • Retro Mirzie says:

      @elc embarrassed that you don’t have kawhi no more? That Freddie got 2 3 pointers blocked by james ennis or the fact y’all not making it out the first round? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ scottie nice tho

    • elc says:

      @Retro Mirzie you couldn’t be more mistaken 🤣 Literally embarrassed for you, & yes you will see 🙄

  6. Jordan Villafuerte says:

    Appreciate Shaq’s realness and recognition that Raptors will be a good matchup for the Sixers.

    • Jordan Villafuerte says:

      @banana I think Shaq is just being real with no filters. He just has a different mentality towards basketball mainly from his NBA experience and the era he played. Also, he has a strong personality and doesn’t easily back down BUT recognizes if he has bad takes sometimes.

    • banana says:

      Yeah, he’s right about the raptors, but tbh I think it’s the broken clock being right twice a day. Shaq’s incredibly entertaining, but he’s a terrible analyst who doesn’t seem to watch much basketball these days

  7. Amrith Bharadwaj says:

    Raptors vs Sixers is my favourite first round match-up. I can’t wait to see what Nick Nurse is going to come up with to try and stop Embiid.

    • BettyTuna Breath says:

      @Chris Wright how many championships does embid have?
      Definitely stopping him with L

    • Suca Dhalberga says:

      @Chris Wright when Siakam has outscored, outrebounded and outassisted Embiid in 3 out of 4 contests then yes, it is a big problem because while there’s nobody on the 76ers wings who can take on Siakam, the Raptors have given Embiid headaches every single time. And let’s be honest, who has a better playoff performance record in big games Harden or VanVleet? Not asking career numbers, not asking regular season, I’m asking about playoffs, who’s proven to be more clutch in the playoffs, Harden or VanVleet? I know you know the answer.

    • Dantrell Walker says:

      @Mark why would you lie about his fg%??? You Canadians are sad

    • sampson ireman says:

      @Chris Wright Yes. And remember that Nick Nurse held him to 0 points once.
      Holding Embiid to 30 pts is a good day. If he get’s 40 it’s a problem.

    • saz19s8 says:

      Embiid needs revenge for making him cry the last time they played each other in the playoffs

  8. Mustafa T says:

    One thing Raps fan can agree on is that win or lose this series, the team has already exceeded expectations! How many people ACTUALLY saw the Raps being a 5th seeded team? Some thought they wouldn’t even make the playoffs but TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME again…they keep silencing the critics. IMO the Raps are one more solid piece away (Big C) from taking over the east.

    • Amos bat says:

      maybe if they get a player like kwahi i can see them take the East 😛

    • aj17pearce says:

      I guessed they’d be 500 and the 8th seed….pleasantly surprised

    • Braden Taylor says:

      @grahamjl766 nurse is represented by klutch, they’re making the lakers offer him a contract so he can turn it down and then ask Toronto for more to stay. There’s absolutely zero chance lakers get him, it’s just to help him get more money and a longer deal in Toronto.

    • 1 1 says:

      Raptors always get slept on. Last year was rough but the amount of young and not young but still developing talent is great. The young guys have all taken big steps plus Scottie does everything. And nick nurse will only make them better as time goes on

  9. kawaiiafangirl says:

    I’m no 76ers fan but I definitely would be worried about Harden like Chuck. He averaged 26.8/ 7.5/ 12.0 on 59.2% shooting in his first 4 games but only 19.7 PPG on 36.3% shooting since.

  10. G AL says:

    Shaq’s analysis are always limited to “He needs to get [enter amount of] points”

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