I’m sorry ASUS… but you’re fired!

I’m sorry ASUS… but you’re fired!

The last several years have proven that ASUS is anti-consumer and lack serious quality control. Enough so, that we can no longer support the brand or allow them to be one of our trusted sponsors.

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27 Responses

  1. Ken Otwell says:

    Wow. This is literally putting your money where your mouth is. Huge Kudos, Jay!

  2. Dewi McCar says:

    Integrity is what you’re showing here, Jay. This is why I am still watching after 10 years. Thank you.

  3. Brian M says:

    Brutal. Just brutal. I just built my system with an asus strix 790-e gaming wifi and 13900ks. So far I’ve had no problems but choosing a motherboard was a real concern due to so many reviews noting LAN failures, USB problems, etc. You’ve got a lot of trust and support from your viewers and hopefully a strong disavowal like this will put some pressure on asus to improve their products and repair their relationships with their customers. Cheers, Jay

    • Frederick Miller says:

      i just built with amd and asus hero board. I haven’t had any issues. However, I’ve been running my chip undervolted – haven’t had the chance to really put it through it’s paces since my gpu is still old – hehe.

  4. klipser66 says:

    As someone who loves everything from ASUS TUF series , they break my heart with their behavior. Hats off to Jay for doing this!

    • Shagohod ~Red says:

      This is why you shouldn’t “love” companies. They’re all out to screw you out of your last dollar, under any circumstances

    • Michael Gathemia says:

      What’s wrong with the TUF series?

    • Paul Rohrbaugh says:

      I built an AM4 system last year with TUF board and had no issues. I think AM5 is the real problem.

    • Die Finsternis says:

      ​@Shagohod ~Red You can like a brand and a brands design without approving the behavior of the company behind the brand.
      I like the ROG design. The old ones at least. The one before they put dumb slogans all over things. Considering the pile of sheit the Armoury Crate is and now this, I will think twice of going Asus again.
      But we also need to consider: there isn’t alot of companies around anymore that didn’t have a major fuck up at some time and still have adequate designs.
      And yes: nowadays it matters. If my fucking PC has a fucking piece of glass on the side because it is virtually impossible to get anything else then it might as well look at least decent.

    • Jack Doe says:

      I had nothing but great experience using Asus products and I recently bought their motherboard too. Feels bad man.

  5. MerKestMerK says:

    I know I subscribed to your channel all them years ago for a reason. Thank you for all you do for us consumers!! It takes people like you to call them out before any real change will happen. Again thank you! Will always be here to help support you!

  6. Loki Makinen says:

    A long time ago I had an asus issue & swore them off. I thought about how that was unreasonable & was just starting to consider them for my next build. I appreciate how they made this decision easy.

    • Adam Foutch says:

      I had a similar experience with them around 2001 I think and swore them off. Then tried them again around 2010 figuring why not try them again. They were OK for me but a friend built the exact same system and had nothing but problems. Turns out the board was the issue. Swore them off again, Went to other brands like MSI or Gigabyte or AsRock like Jay said just to avoid the garbage and BS they put me and techs I know through. After this will never touch another Asus product again. Then can such the high hard one.

  7. TagBackTV says:

    well this probably explains the bs thats been going on with my pc the past few months…

    • Akkbar says:


    • victorxify1 says:

      I had a 3700x system with a strix x470 board that had a bunch of random issues like the ones in jays video, switched back to intel cause I thought it was an AMD problem but now I’m starting to second guess.

    • Muckle Dragger says:

      Fr, asus seriously shat the bed

    • Red Winga says:

      Just go Msi and intel. 0 issues. I highly recommend Msi Tomahawk mobo. I got it with i7 12700k and it’s perfection since the very first boot. Haven’t had a single crash or connection issue or any issues with overclocking etc and I built my system 5 months ago and use it every day.

    • Patriot10 says:

      Updated BIOS last month (5800x/ Strix x570) and it would not even load windows, it would hard crash. Rolled back the BIOS to find out that windows was corrupted so bad I had to wipe and re-install. Time to change mobos…

  8. Sleix says:

    The one thing I admire is that you at least explain why you chose what you chose. I agree with you that ASUS’s quality has been slowly slipping away for quite some time now and it’s now coming to the point where they needed that call out. I hope that it causes them to think about their quality control processes and they finally take some action. Don’t think it’ll work though unless you have others who are willing to do likewise.

  9. Jim Scarlett says:

    It’s a sad situation. Asus used to be one of the ones I’d look for back in the day. I even still have two Asus boards in service….a Socket 370 in my Windows 98 machine, and a 775 board in a rig that refuses to die, haha.

    You’re totally right about Asrock – that have been working hard to lose their old reputation, and I’ve been really happy with their boards over the last 8-10 years I’ve used their stuff.

  10. omeezyfasheezy says:

    As always, love the content. I’ve been an ASUS guy for awhile, but this video had made me reconsider a new motherboard manufacturer just for this AMD build

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