I’m Upset

I’m Upset

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Schlatt talks about Discord’s new logo.

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Edited by me, all by myself

It’s 2021 and Nothing Is Unique Anymore Except My Luscious Mutton Chops. In this Schlatt commentary video, Schlatt talks about stuff for a few minutes. Namely, Discord’s new Logo. Yes, the Discord Redesign is bad and I don’t like Discord’s new logo. Discord is a bad company and I Will Never Buy Nitro Stop Asking Me. Even Jambo aka JCat aka Soup doesn’t like corporate minimalism. He told me that the other night. Schlatt is upset by how brands ruin their perfectly good logos in favor of boring, lifeless, soulless Sans-Serif Wordmarks and flat design icons.

GoDaddy, Petco, Discord, Smucker’s, eBay, Pringles, and more companies with awful Logo Redesigns are talked about in this Funny Jschlatt Moment of a video. The Schlatt Ram Plushies are here and you should be buying them instead of reading this description. They are very well made and feel soft to the touch and I can’t say that about most things.

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30 Responses

  1. CyclonePlays says:

    Schlatt is one of the most effortlessly funny people ever.

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The majority of logos have changed for the worse, I think “companies” are thinking it’s a trend to make bad logos.

  3. MysticAnsh says:

    My life is complete, 3 schlatt videos in one month I could die in peace now.

    • Molten_Ice says:

      @ari Kh Now I’m not hating on your religion. I support you and everything you believe in. The only problem I have is that you are promoting your religion in a random ass video that has nothing to do with your religion. Please just do it somewhere else, I have clicked on the link 4 different times and got the exact same video.

  4. Naman Sinha says:

    His hair gets better with every video

  5. JawnGG says:

    pringles was the most egregious logo redesign hands down

    how could they do that to him?

  6. Zofia .-. says:

    Truly disgusting that some “companies” would do such a terrible thing.

  7. Julia Sveta says:

    The horror of walking through a store, going into the chips isle and walking down to see the thousands of soulless, beady, black eyes of the new Mr Pringle logo staring down at you from the shelves with their terrifying, blank smile. An absolute nightmare, I kid you not.

    • Joaquin Sumulong says:

      Why’d they have to change it??????? The old one was _so_ iconic and now it looks kind of uncanny and weird

  8. Jebadia_Mimes says:

    Schlatt is the kind of guy that’ll put a product placement in a funeral and everyone would laugh

  9. AstroSaffron says:

    Schlatt manages to channel that 2009 stand up comedian, sounding offensive but somehow not really being offensive at all. I love it.

  10. Ander _101 says:

    Watching you be somewhat passionate about shit I don’t even care about brings me joy

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