I’m usually NOT hit on… but something happened

I’m usually NOT hit on… but something happened

I’m usually not used to this….
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55 Responses

  1. Adam Aoun says:

    Best channel ever also i got tickets to your tour

  2. JAMCastillo1 says:

    Ok, this was pretty funny and the wait was worth it for the punchline

  3. That one tall person says:

    Please make the “Shirtless man in training” a shirt. I’ll use it at the gym😂😂

  4. The Ace says:

    I got Tickets!!🔥🔥

    ThanX For the Like😄

  5. Kitsuneko Jay says:

    We got any shirtless men here in the comments?

  6. PengaZ says:

    I got tickets (totaly didnt say this to get like)

  7. Julian Oropeza-Alcaraz says:

    Im a lonely 16 year old. ahhh think ima try the mmmm chicken thing on a girl in my class. Let’s see how this works 🤷

  8. pessimist says:

    I have indeed had a “Mmm mmm chicken” moment. I tossed a water bottle at a trash can, and it bounced off the edge, off a bench, and hit this girl in the head. Then I said sorry, and we started talking, and she was my girlfriend eventually.

  9. Prabhav Karri says:

    The baby eating the pizza tho was hilarious😂😂😂

  10. Not Hazza says:

    Is Swoozie the shirtless man?
    But that’s just a theory…


  11. matthew meadows says:

    Was the shirtless man swoozie 😂😂😂

  12. Geeky Pixel says:

    I’ll tell you what is usually hit though… that subscribe button!
    Unless you’ve already subscribed in which case don’t hit it again…

  13. Steady Spaghetti says:

    The chicken pick up line didn’t work

  14. High Caliber Garbage says:

    Finally Olan’s getting some recognition! Final Space is so cool!

    Btw, his stories are honestly the best thing I’ve ever heard. The metaphors are great.

  15. zANE_boi says:

    Do you do your own animations?

  16. Rod Hardy says:

    I’ll just get my participation reward : )

  17. Jason Marte says:

    Who else is waiting for the next babysitter episode…

  18. Lizzy Forever says:

    (Crush): Wanna go to the movies?

    Me: uh um ….mmmm mhm chicken! 🐓

  19. America Esparza says:

    I’m going to your tour

  20. Luxvo says:

    I got tickets to your tour
    so hyped!

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