Imaginary Allergies, Hospital Price Transparency & A High-Tech Tragedy in Las Vegas | The Daily Show

Imaginary Allergies, Hospital Price Transparency & A High-Tech Tragedy in Las Vegas | The Daily Show

A study shows many people who think they have allergies don’t, U.S. hospitals must now list their treatment prices online, and a self-driving car hits a robot pedestrian.

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66 Responses

  1. Ahmed Mia says:

    Not first, but screw whoever is

  2. Unknown User says:

    I get a 12,000 dollar treatment every six weeks for the rest of my life thanks to having a chronic disease. It was nice when I had Medicaid but now I have to pay 20 percent and I’m disabled so theres no way I can keep affording it because to get secondary medicare insurance it costs me 750 bucks a month at my age. I’ve had over a million dollars in treatment already and 10 surgeries in one year so yeah fuck hospital prices, I didn’t ask to be dying and require expensive upkeep so why do I suffer financially Forever?

    • Mark Gigiel says:

      Chronic disease and 10 surgeries in a year. I would have checked out unless you’re a Stephen Hawking.

    • Jartran72 says:

      +SamI Am Its horrible to think this is happening to good people.. Wish you all the best, even though that does exactly nothing 🙁

    • Unknown User says:

      +Mark Gigiel you’re not as strong as me then. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve dealt with, that same year my fiance had a miscarriage and I lost my job, all my friends, girlfriend, and my home in the same week. It could always get worse. As long as you’re breathing, you’re winning.

    • Little Dorrit_Lisa says:

      @Unknown I am right there in that sinking boat with you. Hang in there. I am around if you need an ear ?

    • Alex Quang Nguyen says:

      +Jerrell Bevers Yeah, I was just about to say – just kill yourself, dude. I know I would, if my upkeep costs 20 people’s salaries. Take one for the team!

  3. tori248 says:

    I was once hit by a car down the street from a hospital and I remember the ambulance coming and me seriously considering just dragging myself down the street into the hospital instead just to save on the medical bills

    • APK Sand says:

      Some Person Not half as entertained as i am, waiting for facts while you dodge and squirm without any!
      Keep going sunshine. Any other strident defences? Any more paranoia?

    • Some Person says:

      +Joanna Chen Where did I ever claim it was out of the goodness of their hearts? All I said is what happened not why. Seriously, do people actually read or just jump into a debate they want to have with themselves? Because I didn’t say anything that led into that long reply of yours, except what the US has done for Europe during wartimes the last 40 years. Go away please, you seem nice enough but very propaganda filled…

    • Jynessa Swann says:

      +Some Person troll?

    • Some Person says:

      +Jynessa Swann sandwich?

      Just saying random words with an emoji like you…?

    • 42 jade says:

      +Some Person idiotic troll 🙂

  4. Nathan Waggoner says:

    PSA: Food allergies are not seasonal allergies.

    Edit: They are either much more severe than people like to think or they are not an allergy in the first place (ie, food intolerance). Otherwise, don’t think a self-diagnosis is an accurate one.

    • The drawing club -_- says:

      whatttttttttttttt really omg thank you

    • Mikey McMikeFace says:

      What if they are seasonal foods?

    • Nadia Silver says:

      I am actually mortally allergic to:

      So, yah know, I can’t just order a smoothie without having my Last Will and Testament on lock. I am not going to eat these things just to prove to you that I’m allergic. I’m allergic. I will damned near DIE if I eat any of these.

      It’s the people who are faking these allergies who make it difficult for those who are actually allergic. I am not going to carry around my hospital or medical records, to prove to some asshole (who’s been conned one too many times and taking it out on me) that I will literally die if I eat a god-damned quiché!!!

    • The drawing club -_- says:

      +Nadia Silver so you are white but where is gluten?????????

    • - - says:

      I don’t get why food intolerance is so fucking judged. Yeah, I won’t die right away from eating gluten, but I’ve lost more than 30 pounds before including muscle mass due to malourishment because I kept eating the shit thinking it was totally ok. I was underweight and blood vessels were starting to burst like I was an old person. I kept going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, so I’m not about to carry on life living like that hell again because people wanna be assholes about it. Fuck you, Trevor!

  5. eyiamoni apeji says:

    I always thought allergies were a white people thing ?

  6. Xäp 8 says:

    Yup just decided this is my official channel for news!!

  7. eyiamoni apeji says:

    My wife and three toasters??

  8. Whoda Hellru says:

    Some of y’all need to chill … they said “Half of Americans actually have allergies…”
    No need in lashing out at Trevor for stating it … I mean I know for a fact I have shellfish allergies after attempting to eat shrimp over the years. If your situation is real, then watch what you eat or carry your EpiPen!

  9. Tara says:

    I don’t know why but I laughed so hard when he said “You guys should have let me die” ??

  10. exodus21v20 says:

    I’m not allergic to milk but it makes me vomit every time I have as much as a small swig. So I think people use terms such as allergy to describe such reactions to food even though a doctor might give you an allergy test and determine that you are not allergic to it. As an example, people with Celiac disease are not allergic to wheat, but eating wheat makes them sick and gives them a broad range of very significant symptoms some of them can be severe. So if someone with undiagnosed celiac disease concludes they are allergic to wheat it would be perfectly reasonable.

    • Paulo Andrade says:

      Thats probably Lactose intolerance .

    • Yann S says:

      intolerance = (milk-)sugar
      Allergic = ( Milk-)protein

    • L Onate says:

      Have you done research on all the pharmaceutical drug injections cows get. Not to mention we have no business drinking cows milk that was created for a baby calf. Consider watching “forks over knives” or “ Plant nation “ documentaries. Hope it helps.

  11. melissa saint says:

    *This doesn’t accurately reflect the food allergy study!* the results of which indicated that lots of those people had oral allergies or food intolerances, which work differently than an allergy.
    In other words, if every time you eat a specific food you get painful cramps and raging diarrhea, you have a food intolerance, but not an allergy.
    The problem is that people are using the wrong term, and just cutting out whole categories of food instead of consulting with an immunologist or other specialist.
    The study also found, to the researchers’ surprise, that though only a portion of those who thought they had a food allergy truly had one, far more Americans probably have “true food allergies” than they expected to find, over ten percent of their sample size, with another nine percent having intolerance.

    *Come on, Daily Show, you’re better than this.*

  12. Zenzele Nikwe says:

    Trevor, that’s not where your appendix is man

  13. Mary Rose Kent says:

    Medicare for All, people—it’s the way to go!

  14. Red Umbrella says:

    I have Trumpnorrhea! No cure, only large amount of alcohol bring down the side effects.

  15. Thomas Reedy says:

    Food allergies are not the same as food insensitivity. A person who is lactose intolerant is not allergic to milk. They cannot digest lactose, they do not a have an autoimmune response to it.

    Just because a person doesn’t have celiac doesn’t mean the react poorly to gluten. And many times they may react poorly to the sugars in wheat and not the gluten but wouldn’t know the difference.

    And if you have been gluten free for a while. You will likely feel different when adding it back in, but that doesn’t mean you are intolerant.

    • Austin Brancheau says:

      Yeah too much gluten (like a lot) can upset some tummies, celiacs is technically different than allergies because no allergic reaction (but the reaction that does happen is just as bad or worse), but one thing to note though is that if you truly believe you have an allergy you can actually go into anaphylactic shock

      Edit: nvm

    • Keiko Smith says:

      +Austin Brancheau not always the case. Im allergic to cats and dogs but it will never cause anaphalaxis however it can trigger asthma attacks and kill me that way ? other allergies like dust also make me sick and cause skin conditions, still not anaphalaxis. And yes i was tested they are allergies.

    • Austin Brancheau says:

      +Keiko Smith ok, thank you for the information. I thought that any allergy caused anyphalixis, but I am clearly wrong

    • Keiko Smith says:

      +Austin Brancheau lots of different ways too react. ?

  16. Abby Morris says:

    “You guys should have let me die!” I’ve said that so many times. The doctors and nurses REFUSE to tell me costs.

  17. Phatkillz says:

    The robot was clearly jay walking.

  18. Merrin says:

    America is only developed country in the world without free universal healthcare. Sad.

    • Keiko Smith says:

      +Ben May canada to see the dr is free but the cost of medicine is not. And like you said, comes from tax. Even if tax aside the cost for the drugs is soo high a lot can’t afford it.

    • Ben May says:

      Well that is quite a sad story. Thank you for telling me! I’ll be glad to remember that for future discussions with people! ?

    • Keiko Smith says:

      +Ben May i think my country (New Zealand) has it the easiest and yet a lot like myself with chronic illness still struggle paying fees and such.

    • Ben May says:

      There are always the upsides and downsides of every way a government is run. I wish you the best of luck with life, it gets tough but you can do it! (Whatever “it” is in your life)

    • Keiko Smith says:

      +Ben May exactly nothings perfect nothing in life is free lol

  19. Fuentes says:

    I got individually packed HALLS cough drops (3) bill for $30 each.

  20. ToshPointFro Eats says:

    Hospitals make so much dang money. It’s good that they have to disclose prices. No one deserves to be hit with a $5000 surprise bill for an ambulance ride. A lot of people call Lyft and Uber instead.

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