Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar

Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar

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Directed By: Ryan Reichenfeld

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Oh hush my dear, it’s been a difficult year
And terrors don’t prey on innocent victims
Trust me darlin’, trust me darlin’

It’s been a loveless year
I’m a man of three fears
Integrity, faith and crocodile tears

Trust me darlin’, trust me darlin’

So look me in the eyes
Tell me what you see
Perfect paradise
Tearing at the seams
I wish I could escape it
I don’t want to fake it
I wish I could erase it
Make your heart believe

But I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
Now you know
I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
You’re free to go

Did all my dreams never mean one thing
Does happiness lie in a diamond ring
Oh I’ve been asking, for
Oh I’ve been asking, for problems, problems, problems

I wage my war, on the world inside
I take my gun to the enemy’s side
Oh I’ve been asking for (trust me darlin’)
Oh I’ve been asking (trust me darlin’), for problems, problems, problems

So look me in the eyes
Tell me what you see
Perfect paradise
Tearing at the seams
I wish I could escape it
I don’t want to fake it
I wish I could erase it
Make your heart believe

But I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
Now you know
I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
You’re free to go

I can’t breathe
I can’t be
I can’t be what you want me to be
Believe me this one time, believe me

I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
Now you know
I’m a bad liar
Bad liar
Now you know
You’re free to go

Please believe me
Please believe me

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69 Responses

  1. Sebastiam Garcia says:

    I don’t know if it was just me but Im very lost. can someone explain the video?

    • Manish Kumar says:

      It means that most of the people , they choose to look down to those beautiful things that are nearby to them, that are close to them and when those things leave, they just say that they are okay but definitely they are just “bad liars” .it’s just my opinion on the video ????

    • Tony Saya says:

      It is about  his tumultuous relationship with Volkman aka his wife

    • Raine 5247 says:

      Sebastiam Garcia the video is kinda open to interpretation so it’s difficult to explain when it could mean something different to everyone. You just have to take the lyrics and the emotion Autumn portrays in her movements and then look at yourself and see what you get out of it.

    • Ana Herceg says:

      I like the comment by @EJCT777, I think it makes a lot of sense

    • Operation Blackout fighting against Oh Yeah Yeahs! says:

      Look multiple comments above you, it makes perfect sense

  2. JoeBob15 ! says:

    Anyone speak english up in this joint?

  3. Mr. Tattoo ASMR says:

    I thought he committed suicide…

  4. Asteroid 04 says:

    I need my Google Translate for this comment section…

  5. Tom Salvatore says:

    Hahahaha Brasileiros Dominam Os Comentários

  6. World Asura says:

    Imagine Dragons !!!!! <3
    Laik si eres Latino!!!

  7. YourMom IsGay says:

    Just a English comment scrolling thru ?

  8. sergio sac says:

    Hola like si hablas español

  9. Atharv Patil says:

    Who is finding English comments

  10. True2Live says:

    This girl seems to be carrying this guys “dead weight” she’s trying to force life into him, when clearly, he’s dead inside.
    She’s trying to show him the joy, beauty, and goodness in life, as he is blind to it, namely, dead to all of it.

    • Lookin more so everyday! says:

      People can be very fragile human beings!

    • Arathi Arathi says:

      Well she tried her best.

    • Lookin more so everyday! says:

      +Arathi Arathi In what way? she danced till he dropped there was no tear in her eye as she walked away. I am not sure if she was trying to revive him through this dance or slowly try killing him through the dance? Who knows wierd video sad too!

  11. пользователь пользовательский says:

    весь клип думала когда же он проснется и когда же они вместе танцевать начнут, а тут такой облом…….моему изумлению не было предела?

    • Adama TiK says:

      Тут смысл в том, что это пример несчастных отношений… Кто-то со всех сил старается, как девушка которая все энергичней танцует. Но в конце кто-то обязательно упадет…

    • пользователь пользовательский says:

      +Adama TiK к сожалению, я не тот человек, который ищет и находит глубокий смысл в музыкальных клипах…

    • Adama TiK says:

      +пользователь пользовательский )))

    • Ол я says:

      +Adama TiK аааааа, вот оно что…

  12. CoMiCoN says:

    Песня очень хорошая. Клип странный. Но соотношение просмотров и лайков супер. Молодцы драконы))

    • Сергей Казаков says:

      Клип как раз супер, полностью передает содержание!! Учите английский ))

    • CoMiCoN says:

      +Сергей Казаков я учу английский) вы вспомните клипы более ранних песен thunder, believer, radioactive и сравните с нынешним творчеством. Драконы изменились. Сильно

  13. megan christie says:

    Who came for Autumn Miller??

  14. Daddy says:

    Artists writing about these mental issues, anxiety, depressions is very important.

  15. Luke Butler says:

    that choreography was killer props to whoever it was.

  16. Никита says:

    Есть русские?) Мы же ведь тоже любим Драконов ! ??

  17. EJCT777 says:

    The song, and the video, are about Dan and Aja’s deteriorating marriage and relationship. One partner is trying their best to capture the attention and affection of the other, meanwhile the other just seems uninterested, like they’re dead or a lifeless puppet. One keeps trying harder and harder, as seen by the dancer becoming more energetic and wild and violent with their movements, but the other still doesn’t react. The lyrics describe how one partner is dealing with internal struggles, ex. “Wage my war on the World inside” and “Look me in the eyes. Tell me what you see. Perfect paradise tearing at the seams”. Because of this the relationship struggles, and while the lifeless partner tells the other to “Trust me darling” and says that they’re still interested and invested, ultimately they’re a “Bad Liar” and can’t hide the growing problems. Finally, because of the struggles growing in the relationship, they consent to separation with one telling the other “Now you know (about the disinterest and growing internal struggle). You’re free to go.” With this the partner putting in all the effort leaves, and due to either a lack of external support from their former partner, or because of the growing internal struggles (or a mix of both) the lifeless partner finally collapses.

    • Ace Aardvark says:

      Thank you. That’s got to be spot on.

    • Anh Thư Nguyễn says:

      If I hadn’t seen ur comment, I would haven’t understand anything

    • Louise Foernges says:

      Perfect! I came here because I didn’t understand the meaning of the clip and was hoping someone did… it completely changed the way I view the song and videoclip now. Thank you for your beautiful explanation 🙂

    • Xzavier Hinojos says:

      I thought it was about the prime movers and bit players of the world. Those who put things in motion. Which is the girl. The guy’s good looks and prestine fashion in this video. He’s much prettier than her but is his appearance a result of his own cultivation or is he just mirroring her dance moves with nothing but his looks? Is he more than just a pretty face or is he dead inside and just responding to the stimuli that’s shaping him from the outside? Eventually once she is done molding him she moves on. Ps the dancing is also similar to a spider trapping prey dancing around it spinning web cacoons. He’s caught in the web suspended in the air.

    • LegendArrowLP says:


  18. Great Anand says:

    This band can never make a bad song?

  19. sayed Ishmam says:


    Verse 1
    In the first verse of the song, the singer lays out the basis for this song.

    The singer immediately hushes his wife. He wants some quiet and peace, at least for his song. He confesses that it has been a difficult year for them. They are both scared of the inevitable, but he also admits that ‘terrors’ don’t chase behind innocent people. Basically, he says what goes around comes around and they are paying now for some mistakes they both committed in the past.

    The singer openly confesses that it has been a loveless year. To be in a loveless relationship, trapped by the bond of marriage, would be a pretty bad cage to be stuck in.

    The singer says that he has three fears: integrity, faith and crocodile tears.

    Integrity: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

    Faith: “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”

    Crocodile tears: “tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere” (because crocodiles can’t shed tears in the water).

    Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons invites his partner to look into his eyes, for real, and see if she can see any drop of love or affection left in him for this relationship. All she would be able to see is a perfect paradise in shambles. The singer genuinely wishes it was not the case. But he is a bad liar!

    The singer basically shuts the door on this relationship with his confession.

    Verse 2
    These lyrics make us believe that the singer was caught in a lifeless relationship. His life dreams were astray, unsupported and unmotivated. She was interested in his money. Was she only interested in the wedding ring? Was he cheated from the first place?

    The singer is pretty much done with the relationship. He wants no part of this loveless marriage anymore.

    The singer has to plead for this woman to believe that this relationship is over. Maybe she sees more life in this relationship reflected in the next expensive ring or piece of clothing on the store

    *SUMMARY* : Ultimately, Imagine Dragons’ “Bad Liar” can be interpreted one of two ways.  On the surface it’s the tale of a person who lived to regret his decision to get married because he couldn’t live up to his partner’s expectations.  However, since the main themes of the track is his inability to tell the truth, it can be understood that anything he says is a lie.  So for instance when he’s telling his wife she’s “free to go” and then follows that up by begging her to believe him, he could actually be ‘lying’ and in turn want her to stay.

    In general, according to Reynolds, “Bad Liar” is about his tumultuous relationship with Volkman. According to him, he and Volkman couldn’t fake it. They couldn’t lie to each other and tell each other that everything was fine in their marriage because things weren’t fine

    *I posted a beautiful lyric video of this bad liar song. Plz watch it. You all will love it* ??

  20. Adama TiK says:

    Лайкните, чтоб америкосы и другие подумали что я тут что-то супер-пупер крутое написал)))
    На самом деле смысл клипа в том, чтобы показать несчастные отношения. Кто-то из них старается изо всех сил, как эта девушка, которая танцует энергичней и энергичней, а парню ваще все равно… Даже слова песни “Look me in the eyes. Tell me what you see. Perfect paradise tearing at the seams” говорят о том, что она ведет внутреннюю борьбу… Возможно тут отображена семейная трагедия Дэна Рейнольдса… В конце концов кто-то из них упадет… Песню веселой назвать трудно, она отражает реальность…

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