Imagine Dragons – Natural (Audio)

Imagine Dragons – Natural (Audio)

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Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Natural. © 2018 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

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75 Responses

  1. Kauã Araújo says:

    #15 Brasil 🇧🇷♥

  2. Tanya Verane says:

    Получше всяких FACE😉😑

    • Злой Голубь says:

      А чем плох Фейс?

    • Канал Тузика says:

      Злой Голубь 1 – бессмысленные песни , пропоганда всякой “весёлой” жизни. 2-Противный голос. 3 – мягко говоря, не адекватное поведение.

    • RAYNEX says:

      Злой Голубь Он придурок

    • Ponik Trolli says:

      Ебать, нахуй вообще сравнивать драконов с биомусором у которого мать шлюха? И даже не задавайте вопрос чем хуевый фейс, потому что если вы сами не знаете на это ответ. То мне с вами точно будет не о чем разговаривать.Вы попросту такие же ебанутые малолетки

    • RAYNEX says:

      Ponik Trolli Полностью согласен)

  3. Aashish Pala says:

    Who else want some more like Monster, Battle Cry and S and M than this Electro Rock??? Where Platzman can show how much is he Incredible…

  4. Phillip Morgan says:

    Me at 3 am: I need to fall asleep.
    *Imagine Dragons has uploaded*
    Me: i can stay up for an hour longer

    • mauricio G says:

      Phillip Morgan I woke up happy with the notification on my phone.

    • MatVenture says:

      Why would it take you an hour to listen to a song that’s not even 4min long?

    • Memer420 says:

      MatVenture to play on repeat, duh

    • habiba elbarbary says:

      MatVenture yeah it takes 3:10 sec to listen to the song for the first time , about ten minutes to sing the lyrics perfectly and almost 50 another minutes moving your hand everywhere in the air and dancing like your life depends on it while singing along loudly and maybe pretend to be an actual singer on a stage …. that is just becouse I must sleep though otherwise it will last until my family threat me to be kicked out the house 😂✌

  5. ale fenili says:


  6. guess I'll die says:

    “My longest yeah boy ever”

  7. Gabriel Diniz Itaperuna says:

    Música foda merece tudo de bom, tem BR aqui ?

  8. MJ. AlDu says:

    That smells like a new album…

  9. SquadleWaddle says:

    Every time they touch a new style of music they blow it away. Another great song again, but obviously we all knew it would be amazing.

  10. Mr. Xeiter says:

    Я и лучше спою

  11. sese A says:

    Champion du monde 🔵🔵⚪⚪🔴🔴

  12. The Perfect Gaming Zone says:

    On top of the world, I had some radioactive night visions, it was time to confront my demons.
    I first tried to get back to my roots, I bet my life on it but the gold was just smoke and mirrors and I ended up lost in the unknown.
    So I figured I had to evolve, to do whatever it took. I became a believer and felt the thunder, and now I’m walking the wire, imagining dragons next to me, it’s so natural.

  13. Emi_ Poche says:

    Alguien habla español?😂😂

  14. TheLux008 says:

    Loving this because it sounds like something from Smoke and Mirrors.

  15. Maxim Bolshunov says:


  16. Geor Kokoev says:

    *Russia toje tyt =)*

  17. Álaff Kaik says:


  18. Ana Rossoni says:

    #15 Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️

  19. André Alves says:

    #15 Nos em alta Brasil ? 🇧🇷 veja a tradução dessa musica legendado clique aqui

  20. Dario D'aversa says:

    New hit 👌

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