Imagine Dragons – Next To Me

Imagine Dragons – Next To Me

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Directed By Mark Pellington

Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Next To Me. © 2018 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

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83 Responses

  1. _unknown .survivor says:

    This is the first time I see a story before a music video

  2. Popcorn says:

    I love you

  3. Popcorn says:

    I want to cry from this voice

  4. Popcorn says:

    Не вижу русских!
    Но я тоже не русский!

  5. Popcorn says:

    Если русский поставь Like!
    Если не русский поставь Like!
    Кто ни будь есть понимающие эту песню?
    Если да поставь Like!

    • Darky FnAf says:

      Popcorn 😀 профи

    • DMinZZ says:

      Popcorn А НУ, ПОШЛА НАХУЙ

    • Well says:

      если ты аутист поставь Like!
      если у тебя рак мозга поставь Like!
      если тебя бьет отчим поставь Like!
      если я даун поставь Like!
      если хочешь Машку с соседнего подъезда поставь Like!
      если баба Зина заебала поставь Like!
      если в овервотче попадаются одни петухи поставь Like!
      если я тебя заебал пошел на хуй ! ?

    • DMinZZ says:

      Если ты петух ставь Like!
      Если тебя изнасиловали ставь Like!
      Если ты даун ставь Like!
      Если ты ебанутый дебил который пишет “ставь Like” ТО СТАВЬ ЛАЙК!

    • khmer video says:


  6. Sonia's Way says:

    This is the kind of music that makes you feel something. Music is supposed to have that effect. ❤️.
    I can’t make music but I’m trying to to do that with my videos and art✌️ ✌️

  7. Eli Story says:

    Beautiful! but why did he rob the store?

    • McWolf says:

      Anger, and loss can cause a man to lash out for reasons unknown to even him.. he talks about his regrets, meaning he regrets it, there isn’t a good reason, he just did it because he didn’t know what else to do, he just had his wife leave him, clearly someone he loved, it’s a story told with few words and primarily imagery, I think it’s really well made.

    • SuperNovaa says:

      McWolf i think theres few words to let the watcher interpret it how they see instead of having dialogue to lead you

    • heavy batoghena says:

      stressfull dude

    • Marianne Zito says:

      Cuz those new Jordan’s bout to come out.

    • Nikhil Barretto says:

      Eli Story he was heartbroken and he needed the money

      He killed the guy because he didn’t cooperate

  8. Aayush Soni says:

    I dont have words for this masterpiece ❤

  9. Nicholas Yap says:

    Great song?

  10. Nina A says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

  11. Midelorie says:

    *Begin* 0:00

  12. FreeRap says:


  13. Popcorn says:

    Как постарел наш любимый певец!
    Жизнь идет!

  14. Popcorn says:

    As our beloved singer has aged, it’s a pity that we can not do anything!

  15. Faith Grey says:

    i love this kind of music that makes you feel something…and you dont know what feeling it is…

    • happy sk says:


    • Mr. HighKyGuy says:

      I know this feeling sadly. I’ve made many mistakes. I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve stolen and in the process of my own self destruction she stood by my side. She saw something in me that I struggled with seeing. And I just couldn’t rise up. I failed her and she finally left. We still talk but I know that even if she took me back I robbed her of so much and this is my first time hearing this song but I feel like I know that feeling and I know what she is feeling must be a million times worse and I wish I could take all that pain away from her. I’m sorry for the long rambling post. This song definitely hit me in the feels

    • Royer The Destroyer says:

      Mr. HighKyGuy dang man. Sorry you had to go through that. Imagine Dragons will do this to ya

    • Marianne Zito says:

      It’s a feeling of power. A feeling of being untouchable.

    • rachit jalan says:

      i think its a feeling of serenity, calmness and content.. :3

  16. FanGames says:

    Нехило драконы раскрутились последние пару лет, у меня на работе по радио только их и крутят 🙂

  17. 138riley138 says:

    This is so beautifully filmed and edited, you all did an amazing job! Love this video so much!

  18. Komançero says:

    R.i.p Stephen hawking

  19. MeanVids says:

    Что это делает в Русских трендах?

    • Аня Лебедева says:

      MeanVids бывает, что русские слушают хорошую музыку

    • Arrow says:

      Ну наверно потом это ТОП певец

    • Wladimir Nikitin says:

      Ну, этот трек в чартах, звучит во всех попсовых радиоэфирах, да и ID попросту хороши… Иль тебе лучше смотреть как очередной пидоблогер пиарит выборы?

  20. Hassan vevo says:

    ? I’m in love with
    this video
    With voice site everything

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