Imagine Dragons – Roots (Audio)

Imagine Dragons – Roots (Audio)

Imagine Dragons “Roots” available now:

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20 Responses

  1. mia twenty1p says:


  2. Misha Winchester says:

    What the fuck this is so damn good REPLAY REPLAY REPLAY FOREVER <3

  3. Rob Smith says:

    Different than usual. But I will say, ROOTS is growing on me.

  4. Valentina Henao Hernández says:

    it sounds really cool

  5. Charles Charleston says:

    This song should totally be used in Spectre… would be near perfect
    theme,trailer, or credits track.

  6. Oliwia Kamień says:

    I love this song so much like others ❤❤❤ Replay! Poland loves you ?

  7. P Sharma says:

    Every time I think “there’s no way they can change a lot more and still
    sound good” and every time they prove me wrong :D

  8. Настя Коробова says:

    Нормальная такая песня

  9. MrCoolDk11 says:

    nice song :D

  10. Jennifer Laguna Martinez says:

    oh…my god….

  11. Tadeáš Kula says:

    Let’s put it on spotify!

  12. Talledo Malfoy says:

    orgasm max

  13. Nicole MaslowPena says:

    simply the best song ever!

  14. Dylan Shaw says:

    amen to the lyrics

  15. Игорь Машталеров says:


  16. ฯAlex-Arisฯ says:

    I love it c:

  17. NekoNeko_Chan says:

    So many negative comments 🙁 Why? It’s an awesome song!

  18. Justice Fisher says:

    Anyone else see all the cool references and meanings in the song picture?
    The Continued Silence EP has a similar album cover, showing more about how
    they go back to their roots. Also, there is nothing in his briefcase,
    showing he has nothing left and continuing the tone of the song. The roots
    are the only thing keeping him safe. Also, there is fog in the air, which
    can match up with the “fog in the air to make my mind seem clear” line from
    My Fault. It’s really cool how they put so much work into their songs and
    album/single covers.

  19. Jevin Holleman says:

    So good!

  20. Priyen Bapodara says:

    its simply awesome…………..