Iman Shumpert’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

Iman Shumpert’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach dance Freestyle to “Lose Control / Bounce” by Missy Elliott ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop / DJ Clent on the Dancing with the Stars Finale!

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47 Responses

  1. Chance Savage says:

    Iman & Daniella deserved this win. Her choreography is just on another level.

  2. Maya says:

    Soooo happy Daniella got the recognition she deserves this season. She is in a league of her own.

  3. CK Wyler says:

    Daniella learned to choreograph to Iman’s strengths and rocked it. I’m so glad that he won this for the culture!

  4. Naomi Higgins says:

    This is how you do a freestyle. So entertaining and fun. Daniella has only been on as a pro for 2 seasons and can now say she’s a mirrorball winner. They made this season so special and I’m incredibly happy they won

    • Felicia Sanders says:

      Exactly. Over the last few years, the freestyles have been incredibly boring. For a couple of years, some were doing Contemporary for their freestyle. It should always be a fun upbeat number to get folks excited.

    • Felicia Sanders says:

      @Elizabeth 🙄 You should stay offline if you don’t want to be spoiled. I’ll never understand you people who whine about this. That’s your fault for reading the comments. I’m in California too and stayed spoiled free until the winner was announced.🙄

    • Felicia Sanders says:

      @Shelbie Fernandez yep. I said this a while back too.

    • Autumn Hall says:

      And she made it to the finals both of her seasons! Speaks volumes!

    • Autumn Hall says:

      @Elizabeth why click on the video. And especially comments 🤣 you ruined it for yourself if you can’t stay off your phone.

  5. Caroline Barnes says:

    Although jojo’s story was amazing and clearly she is an incredible dancer, Iman deserved this win. Someone with no dance experience continued to improve each week with the help of Daniella’s amazing choreo. So so happy for them

    • Comedian Pottymouth says:

      Judging by Jojo dance moves SHE HAS A ROOM FULL of dance trophies and but this is probably his 1st

    • Skye C says:

      @TagAffairs right, I hate when they get stars that have dance experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s not ballroom experience, any dance experience gives an advantage against a person with none

    • James Sibson says:

      Yes! His and her accomplishment is all that more impressive when you consider the fact he had no dance experience prior to this unlike Jo Jo and had to deal with the huge size difference with his partner!

    • James Sibson says:

      @TagAffairs exactly my point I had been griping about. Jo johad the huge advantage of substantial dancing experience and training and the added advantage of a same sex partner!

    • James Sibson says:

      @Skye C absolutely agree! Big reason in part I am so glad jo Jo lost!

  6. Eliza Vogt says:

    I have never been so happy to see a team win 😭😭😭The actual underdogs. Never in the bottom 2. Some of the best choreography the show has had in years (or ever) Dani is amazing, and she made him a dancer. They both are so deserving of this win!!!

    • winterrrsea says:

      Idk how they can be called underdogs if they were never in the bottom 2…

    • Kristen Dawn says:

      I was voting for Martin and Miz in the beginning. Then Amanda. I’m really happy iman won! I don’t know he is but he deserves the win! I really thought Jojo was winning cause someone said she did, but this was a surprise!

    • prtdiva says:

      @winterrrsea because Iman had zero dance experience. Everyone in the top 4 had some experience with dance except for him. Making him the underdog.

    • new vision says:

      @winterrrsea the man was a NBA player, tall af compared to his partner and he was lowkey stiff in the beginning

    • Renee Smith says:

      @winterrrsea he received a 4. I call that an underdog

  7. Michele Clay says:

    Started off watching for another celeb and honestly had no idea who Iman was. As the show evolved he and Danielle impressed me sooooo much. She is an amazing choreographer and his work ethic was incredible. They grew to really compliment one another… they got all of my votes and I’m thrilled they get the recognition they deserve!

    • Ricky Mark says:


    • Bob says:

      I’ll tell you something about Iman – he was the most athletic player in his draft class coming into the NBA. You can see it here lol. He has borderline superhuman strength.

    • fshonuff says:

      I actually have never watched the show – not one episode or clip. I watched this season solely for Iman – as a Cavs fan my whole life – he played his ass off to help bring Cleveland their first championship in any sport since 1964. I felt like I owed it to him to support him and cheer him on – and he did not disappoint!!! I have no dance experience or knowledge but it seemed so cool that he got better every week and would be on stage smiling and having fun. Very awesome.

    • Khelievhen Vlogs says:

      Iman is a former NBA player

    • Autumn Hall says:

      I didn’t like the cast that much when the show first started but came to love Iman! His drive and determination and of course Daniella’s hard work made me love them! They had such a great partnership and this win was well deserved! This show is supposed to be about people who have NO dance background. So for him to beat JoJo it made me really happy.

  8. Syd The kidd says:

    this dance had my jaw on the floor the whole routine, they KILLED ITTTTTT and it was a well deserved win. Dani and Iman y’all ate this season up‼️went from 4s to a mirror ball‼️‼️

  9. beccahday says:

    He worked his ass off this season, he deserves this win. I’m really happy for him.

  10. SmolHeroine says:

    Yes, just like Danielle said, “taking someone who’s NEVER danced in their entire life and making them a dancer!”

    Iman deserves this! I’m so happy he’s the winner of the 30th season!

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