Imperial March played on pencil

Imperial March played on pencil

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55 Responses

  1. TheLazyLazer says:

    quality stuff

  2. TheYoungScot says:

    The force is strong in this one, too strong…

  3. Scug says:

    This is a new art form

  4. theblindsniper says:

    So passionate, loving the thick broad strokes to emphasize the power of the EMPIRE.

  5. Jojeta250 says:

    Post-modern instrumental items.

  6. MemeTime says:

    Here before 1 mil views 🙂

  7. Benjamin Yang says:

    I sense a great disturbance in mathematics…

  8. Shan Powar says:

    You’re doing god’s work. Please dont stop.

  9. Edwin says:

    this youtuber is going places

  10. scfoxcode says:

    Glory to the EMPEROR!

  11. Ehpic says:

    Math leads to the dark side.

  12. ibesweetp2 says:

    This is too much power for any one human to possess.

  13. Keyit Howynn says:

    YouTube: clickbait thumbnails with caps and body exposure
    Me: naw, i’d prefer raw and simple.

  14. TheVP says:

    “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before, It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

  15. DEREKC says:

    this is 4 dimensional thinking

  16. Abraham Pancake Mash says:

    me: pass the aux cord
    friend: don’t play any trash
    me: * plays this video *

  17. _.JustDrew._ says:

    i really should be doing my homework

  18. Shada says:

    *This is number 1 on trending…*

    *2018 is gonna bring good shit*

  19. TruMu92 says:

    This is way better than any trash content that the Paul brothers have put out

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