IMPERIUM Official Trailer (2016) Daniel Radcliffe Neo-Nazi Thriller Movie HD

IMPERIUM Official Trailer (2016) Daniel Radcliffe Neo-Nazi Thriller Movie HD – IMPERIUM Official Trailer (2016) Daniel Radcliffe Neo-Nazi Thriller Movie HD

Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe), a young, idealistic FBI agent, goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group.

Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Burn Gorman

In theaters: August 19th, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. SycoSight 1080p says:

    youre all fags tbh

  2. IronRooRoo says:

    Last time I checked, neo Nazis don’t go around bombing places. That’s
    radical muslims. But oh, sorry, it’s not politically correct to call islam
    out for needing reform and spawning these terrorist groups. We’re meant to
    pull the blanket over our eyes like good little children. In the words of
    our great David Cameron “islam is a religion of peace”. Fuck this world and
    all the spineless twats in it.

  3. Portuguese Pride says:

    >Daniel Radcliffe


  4. Michael Ransom says:

    I don’t care what the subject matter is, this movie looks fucking awful.

  5. Beau Duncan says:

    neo Nazi gay lesbian rabi

  6. Samone Brownlow says:

    Lol of the making of this movie offends you… You’re a neo-nazi lol

  7. Hal Villagrana says:

    What Harry Potter movie is this?

  8. chris123sm says:

    Pretty sure this movie is just suppose to be a throwback at the
    kkk/neo-nazis since they are nowhere near as active or big as they use to
    be. There are plenty of war movies that have shown the modern radical
    Islamic terrorism that plagues our world today, don’t really see why people
    are complaining. Plus there have been movies based on gangs like the bloods
    and crypts and the mafia, so it’s not like only movies based on white
    extremists have been made.

  9. Kylie Page says:

    If you’re white and this makes you uncomfortable, then you should probably
    have a nice introspective look at yourself to figure out why that is. I
    guarantee you it’s an internalized issue.

  10. ProletarianTakeover says:

    The FBI has spent more time trying to take down leftists and the black
    power movement.

  11. Your Fat Mom says:

    Hitler is my sugar daddy.

  12. kokocipher says:

    NO wonder U.S. is going down hill,

  13. Jason C. Waite says:

    If we had a movie where the FBI let IS in, & protected them, it would be
    more realistic.

  14. Underground View says:

    lol how are “radical right-wing terrorist groups” even relevant in “the
    current year”? Way to distract from the real issues and perpetuate your
    stereotypes, Hollywood.

    Howabout a “fictional” movie where retards are still scapegoating a
    political party that dissolved in 1945 more than 70 years later? The plot
    could be about unskilled economic migrants flooding a first-world country,
    purposefully leeching off the government to the point of societal collapse.
    The villains could be these out-of-touch, inept elites who virtue-signal
    from their gated communities, forcing their mess onto the middle-working
    class. This would be a way better “fictional” movie, no?

  15. Knight 77 says:

    there are a lot of people saying that this promotes white guilt and that
    Muslims are never portrayed like this. stop ignoring all of the movies were
    Muslims are the “bad guys” have you forgotten about America sniper or
    Jarhead or the lone survivor? or the other countless examples? any group of
    people can be a villain. please stop being ignorant

  16. Alex Andrés says:


  17. Retro White Man says:

    I’ve derived a test so *you* can check if someone is secretly one of these
    scary Nazis!

    If you see a white male, walk up to him and say, “I look forward to the day
    when there are no more white people in the world and everything white men
    ever created is destroyed.” If he agrees then he’s probably safe, but if he
    objects or hesitates at all he’s definitely an
    EVILNAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS!!! *Report him to the authorities

  18. mer meh says:

    Harry “The Black Slaughter” Potter

  19. TheTrueGameGeek says:

    I don’t understand some people… this movie isn’t about bashing whites,
    it’s about Neo-Nazis. Do you get offended by this? Then there’s a likely
    chance that you’re a Neo-Nazi. This isn’t about hating on whites, so stop
    making yourself a victim.

  20. RnineK “r9k” says: