Important information from my Armenian dad

Important information from my Armenian dad

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20 Responses

  1. RobTheMusician1 says:

    Shad lav kebab gepe hayret. 

  2. ErenceTT says:

    Правду глаголет, хуле

  3. chubbington says:

    All bbq is good and cool.

  4. Alan Shteynberg says:

    Great, now go tell dad to commit some more medicare fraud and open up an
    ambulance company whilst in the process.

  5. puny74 says:

    Instructions unclear, I ate my fingers 

  6. Edward Richtofen says:


  7. prolox1 says:

    Ate my fingers, can’t click the like button.

  8. Because you declared Bosnia's independence, there won't be a head on your shoulders. says:

    delicious coal.

  9. Noobzilla Gaming says:

    I ate my fingers

  10. Steven Cox says:

    While I must say it looks incredible and delicious, I will argue that it is
    not barbecue. Barbecue is a style and flavor of cooking and it does not
    include chicken. That is grilled chicken, and again it looks amazing and I
    want some. But barbecue is something special and different. Just putting
    meat over fire does not make barbecue. 

  11. robotsongs says:

    I would type a response, but I can’t because I ate my fingers!

  12. Juraj Mestanik says:

    Barbie is gonna eat her fingers too at this barbie quee

  13. alchemist889 says:

    Are you going to teach us how to Armenian Barbeque or was this a massive

  14. lumpythebored says:

    Damn that looks good.

  15. Nathan Wells says:

    You just out american’d America.

  16. Nicolas Calderon says:

    People arguing over BBQ. q,q

  17. Dubstep From God says:

    Hahaha love the accent man!

  18. gilzer the best says:

    XD in the philipines my family does the samething

  19. Gabe Thorpe says:

    Can you barbecue on the eeeehhh… Spoofy?

  20. Felix Schmidt says:

    This is called shashlik :)