IMPORTANT – Save The Day

IMPORTANT – Save The Day

The world’s biggest celebrities explain why it is Important that you vote on November 8!

Visit: to find out how you can register to vote.

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20 Responses

  1. Viewer says:

    Yep. For America. Let’s elect a publicly corrupt, lying, criminal, murder
    because she’s a woman. Every time you people make stuff like this you push
    more and more people towards Trumps cause.

  2. J. E. says:

    Now go watch the other video on Youtube that shows how much power a
    president REALLY has

  3. Deth Garcia says:

    2:24 Harambe didn’t die for this…

  4. therock343 says:

    Trump supporters are triggered by this video lol

  5. Someone says:

    Trump supporters response: “NA FUCK YOU YOU ARE DUMB!!!!1!”

  6. Jake Edward says:


  7. Thwhsbs Gandbes says:

    #teamcaptianamerica #teamtrump

  8. Tony Crony says:

    Wow so many likes on a video where absolutely no one comments likes
    Hillary. Looks like HillaryTube has been tampering with the trending
    sections and the amount of likes again.

  9. Xelthor says:

    AD. WHY?

  10. TyecoK says:

    Don’t lie, your vote does not matter, the president is chosen by the
    electoral college.

  11. Anthony Davis says:

    Well. I’m glad that four of the Avengers plus the head of SHIELD are
    against Trump, but even if the whole Marvel universe wants me to vote for
    Hillary, I’m still not going to. The choices *are* equally bad, and neither
    of them deserves the support of anyone who isn’t a blind partisan tool.

  12. Hunter lennel says:

    wow well I didn’t know that these actors would go against there fans! danm
    explains why Tony foght cap in civil war… just put a whole new level of
    disappointment from the actors lost all respect for them

  13. legopieface says:

    I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass who wins the election, keep this shit
    off youtube and stop stripping actors of the little respect I have left for

  14. FEBRIZIOtv says:

    This took 1 second before I knew this was a celebrity bullshit democrat
    thing for Hilary.

  15. Tim Aardsma says:

    The type of people who are dumb enough to vote for someone because a
    celebrity tells them to, are exactly the type of people who are dumb enough
    to vote for Hillary in the first place.

  16. Gino Colin says:


  17. Andrew says:

    Celebrities should stop interfering in politics.

  18. Abby Barron says:

    fuck Clinton. fuck Trump. They’re both fucking shit, and we’re all fucked.

  19. Connor Smith says:

    If Donald trump gets elected then he’ll make it where 3 supreme court
    justices are extremely republican conservative. Which they’ll make gay
    marriage illegal, make it illegal for Muslims to live in this country,
    enforce more local school systems so local governments get to teach what
    they want so they can literally make up history. Also every single person
    Trump has suggested and supported to put into power makes more then
    100million a year. Look it up. We’re giving the 1%, the richest people in
    America. The most powerful seats in not only America the world. Hillary
    sucks too but I’d rather have her then him

  20. anglomik says:

    Pathetic. Gee, actors are for Hillary, so I simply MUST vote for
    Hillary Clinton. Hey, “famous actors” here’s a news flash for you: Nobody
    cares what you think.