Improve your sleep in seconds

Improve your sleep in seconds

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Richard Wiseman is based at the University of Hertfordshire

Intro and Outro animations by Cognitive

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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Koh says:

    is there a given time between when i turn off my devices and heading to

  2. Sarah Noslrac says:

    So right, But that’s the only time I have to check e-mail, yt, etc, I’m a
    working mom! 

  3. Ivan Montes says:

    I’m going to try this for a week, and see if it’s true.

  4. Sam Melamed says:

    Wow still iOS 6, unsubscribe 

  5. Daphnie Morphew says:

    * Is watching at full brightness before bed* OHHHHHHHH……*Turns
    brightness down* Aww, it’ll be fine…I hope…

  6. Stereo freak says:

    I have absolutely no trouble with sleeping. My head hits the pillow, give
    me 5 minutes and I’m out cold.

  7. OS10100 says:

    Getting drunk works just fine for me… and I can still use my tablet. Win

  8. Plague Doctor says:

    You can get a free program for phones and computers called “F.lux”
    It’s free and it makes your screen sepia tone (gets rid of the blue light)
    at sunset to help with this issue.

  9. gabanabeflosin says:

    I watched this video in bed

  10. gamer3928 says:

    What if I already do this?

  11. Cory Wright says:

    I don’t I use my phone before and during sleep for example falling asleep
    to a movie on Netflix or YouTube instead of my television so I don’t have
    to get up and shut everything down afterwards and I sleep fine.

  12. Poudingue says:

    You can also install f.lux, which lower the blue light of the screen when
    the sun sets.

  13. WeeScottishLass says:

    I have gunnars gamer glasses ;D It blocks out the blue light from my eyes

  14. Eddy Proca says:

    TL;DW Use f.lux

  15. Bruno Alexandre Cubiaco says:

    What about TV? Does it have the same effect?

  16. Sasseh Simmer says:

    And? Lol this is like a simple Vsauce 

  17. xkittypuppetx says:

    Ooooor download and run flux at night :3

  18. 911mporsche says:

    Makes sense 

  19. llgla says:

    but I like to have a little bit of light. It makes me feel safer,
    especially when I feel a spider on my legs (most of the time it’s just the

  20. Marcus L says:

    I can’t sleep without using my computer, smart phone and tablet every night