In Defense Of Star Lord

In Defense Of Star Lord

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Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss maybe the most controversial scene in all of Infinity War – The moment Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Guardians have Thanos nearly defeated, when all of a sudden Star Lord punches him in the face. Oops.

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71 Responses

  1. SuperCarlinBrothers says:

    The real question is… Do you think Chris Pratt can say convincingly say “Bubbles” in an angry voice??

  2. Karamel fan says:

    I don’t blame Starlord for reacting the way he did if Thanos killed the person that I love I I would be so pissed off

  3. AceWire802 says:

    No, it was Nebula’s fault. SHE WAS THERE AND DIDN’T STOP PETER!

    • PennyAfNorberg says:

      The Boy Bandana  Of course it’s not dr strange fault but if strange saw the future he ought to know peters reaction and dr strange did do anything, and porting people is strange’s thing…

    • Riya Roy says:

      No bcuz she was also realizing that her sister just died just after they finally made up…

    • Jmaes productions says:

      PennyAfNorberg Peter still would’ve died

    • Pansy Chaos says:

      It was because of Dr. Strange’s plan. He knew no matter what they wouldn’t win, but he had to have Tony live. If he told them that they would lose, they would have such low morale they would’ve really lost. If Starlord hadn’t been there, they never would’ve gotten Thanos in that hold in the first place.

    • Pansy Chaos says:

      She also just put together that her sister, the only person she really loved, died. She was sort of in shock.

  4. SykoChiipmunK says:

    I was never mad at Star Lord. I’ve watched Infinity War so many times that I always find something I missed or understand scenes better. In the case of Star Lord, I see it this way. Even if they had gotten the gauntlet off of Thanos then What? He’s a freakin Beast and an Eternal. They’re on his planet with nowhere to go anytime soon. They are not powerful enough to wield any of the stones singularly and definitely cannot wield them all with the gauntlet. I think Thanos would have decimated them to get the gauntlet and stones back. He wasn’t trying to kill them to get the stones unless he had to. Taking the gauntlet off him would’ve meant “gloves off”. Pun intended. There would’ve have been death and extreme suffering of the heroes.

    • Brian Quincy Scott says:


    • Eric Kim says:

      But Thanos cannot fly, and the combined force of the heroes will be able to defeat him. How do I know this, they can use the exact same tactic they used to get the gauntlet off. It will be easier for Mantis since Thanos does not have the stones, and the heroes can land one strong blow or Dr. Strange can just cut his head off.

    • darksteelyurius says:

      Step 1: Remove Glove
      Step 2: Send Thanos to the sun Via Sling Ring Portal.
      Step 3: Close portal
      Step 4: Eat Shawarma

    • Because I'm Batman says:

      Yeah me too. He just found out the woman he loved more than anything was just killed. Im sure i would act the same if the person i loved was killed

    • jimjam totheflimflam says:

      Lol what is Thanos gunna do if Strange teleports the gauntlet to another planet or just some random place in space? What’s he gunna if Iron Man flies away it and hurls it into a sun or something?

      Thanos may be strong but if the Titan Team can beat him with the gauntlet then they’d easily be able to beat him without it.

  5. brandon zepf says:

    I don’t blame Star-Lord, I blame Thor for the exact words Thanos says himself ‘You [Thor] should have gone for the head’. Like, Doctor Strange uses the time stone and sees all the future possibilities and says there’s only one way, right? So, what all occurred in Infinity War has to be that ‘one way’, right? Except how in the world could Thanos have completed his plan if Thor had indeed chopped off his head?? And, personally seeing this as a guaranteed way of stopping Thanos, was that the ‘one way’ Strange saw? Did it all depend on that moment when Thor should have gone for the head? In the words of Star-Lord “Did we just lose?”

    • Professor Seich says:

      I think you`re right and this may sound far fetched but bear with me: Dr. Strange could choose only one possible outcome, so maybe he saw a future in which Thanos dies from Stormbreakers blow and decides not to choose it because he also saw a future in which they were able to reverse the effects of the snap which then led to a better understanding of overpopulation and the problems of big populations. Maybe he just saw the bigger picture. I like to believe in that thought because it`s rare for heroes to actually change a thing. Normally they “just” save people and at the end of the movie it`s the same situation as before the movie. So I would be really happy if this ought be true.

    • james pogrebetsky says:

      They were literally SECONDS AWAY from having the glove off. SECONDS. Then that would have been it. Strange couldn’t see a future, where they had an extra second of star lord not being an idiot, to get the glove off and win? The amount of hand waving people do just because of Strange lol. Strange couldn’t have been wrong… Strange couldn’t have fucked up. No way he had enough control of events to make sure that it happens EXACTLY like the one in 4000000 scenario he say as working.

    • jimjam totheflimflam says:

      I dont think so. We dont know enough about what Strange actually saw in the 14 million possible futures to make definitive statements like that. He could have only been viewing the possible outcomes of the fight on Titan, making the fight in Wakanda totally seperate.

    • PineapplePhone says:

      +james pogrebetsky getting the glove off does not equal winning. They get the glove off, then what? One of them tries to wield it? Yeah, like that’s gonna work. Starlord, a half immortal couldn’t even touch one of the stones without literally all if the guardians helping him. You really think any of the avengers could take a whole gauntlet full of them?
      So, Thanos would wake up and just snatch the gauntlet back, probably killing all or most of the avengers in the process. Hooray, you’ve done nothing. You’ve in fact taken a step backwards because your teammates are dead.

    • james pogrebetsky says:

      PineapplePhone BULLSHIT. utter bullshit. Strange could have teleported it away. Hell, he could have done that with thanos entire arm, just as he did to that other henchman. No one had to wield the glove. Just get it away from him. Thanos can’t fly. So iron man could have just hovered 40 feet off the ground with it. Stop hand waving. Getting the glove off would have finished it. And the movie would have ended. You’re excusing lazy writing. Strange might have seen all those tiger scenarios but the script writers didn’t.

  6. Cancer Warrior says:

    I never hated him In the first place or was mad at him.

  7. crystalfairy912 says:

    I’ve been on Star Lord’s side since I first saw Infinity War in theaters! Can you blame him for reacting the way he did? He’s lost his mother and true father figure, now you take the woman he loves?! And I feel no sympathy for Thanos because of Gamora. We know he took her from her real family, made her fight Nebula and quite literally tore Nebula apart in the process, just to make Gamora a strong fighter. When he cries for her, Gamora says “This isn’t love.” I stand with her on that. Thanos is an abuser. I can’t support his actions even if he seemingly loved Gamora.

  8. Midnight☪Wonder says:

    I was actually really sympathetic towards Star Lord in that scene. I mean, if someone killed the person I loved most (my brother), I’d go completely berserk on them the moment I am given the chance. I’m someone who is normally pretty quiet and tries to avoid conflict, but even I would completely lose my mind in a rage if anything horrible happened to my bro. So, yeah. I’m can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Star Lord for reacting the way he did. While, from an audience perspective, you’d wish he’d wait until AFTER the gantlet was off. However, if we were to place ourselves in such a situation, I doubt anyone would wait nor think rationally if someone we loved was taken away from us, worrying that something might have happened to them, only to discover that they were killed for something you completely stand against. I know I wouldn’t be able to remain calm and collected in such a situation. I’d have done what Star Lord did. Maybe even worse. I could never forgive anyone for hurting my bro.

  9. Moonmoon The wolf says:

    Infinity war two thanos and star lord have a battle of just yelling bubbles in their angriest voice

  10. Joseph Hickman says:

    I mean… Loki could have left the Teseract on Asgard when it got destroyed and none of this would have happened

    • Daniel Awesome says:

      If Loki wasn’t born or wasn’t adopted by Odin, none of this would have happened.

    • Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi says:

      korikakumei Dude, a teenage girl in red leather manage to break one.

    • Warney Disner says:

      Throwing this out there. You can destroy the physical form of an Infinity Stone, but it’ll eventually reform somewhere down the line because it’s an essential part of the universe. Heck, that might be why the Reality Stone was a liquid in Thor 2, because someone destroyed it’s stone form at an earlier point in time. The lack of the Space Stone would have just led to Thanos using his ship to get the other 5 and use those 5 to track down the final stone’s remains.

    • Seal Over says:

      ….. I doubt a simple HUGE explosion can destroy an infinity stone

  11. Zoe Zebra says:

    Did we just lose?
    Yes, we lost, welcome to the program!

  12. JCLegoMan says:

    I’ve honestly never understood why people are so pissed off about Star-Lord. You try facing the man that killed the love of your life after you promised to and already tried to kill her to save the universe, the only person you’ve ever loved since your mother who you watched die from cancer as a child only to be abducted by aliens and raised by a space criminal who you took for granted until they died after you just killed your biological father who you find out gave your mother cancer in the first place.

    EDIT: Oh and just one last thing, who’s to say that if they got the gauntlet off that Thanos wouldn’t have just got it back in any case? Who’s to say that they could have effectively wielded it before Thanos got it back?

    • jimjam totheflimflam says:

      Dr. Strange could have teleported it somewhere, like a sun. Iron Man could have flown away it.

      Really guys, if they could beat Thanos *with* the gauntlet then how could they not beat him without it?

  13. Tylor Six says:

    If I’m being honest I never blamed Star-Lord personally…

  14. Stanley Tusek says:

    Ok I have a question though, Thanos only kills half the Asgardians at the beginning of the movie, and then does the snap and kills half the universe later in the movie. Does that mean he killed a total of 3/4 of the Asgardians???

  15. Maxwell The Brave says:

    Well it’s not just that. Peter had issues specifically with loss and Gamora was kind of his emotional rock in all that. Gamora helped him start to heal from the loss of his mother. Then Gamora comforted him during the loss of his surrogate father. To lose the person who helped you recover from loss is probably the biggest mind-break that could possibly befall you.

  16. LazyLazer RSP says:

    I don’t get why so many peps hated what star lord did…he was in a vulnerable state already with his lover kidnapped, the thought of her having been killed by thanos and that, almost as twisted, thanos was “mourning” her loss was the straw to break the camel’s back and star lord just broke. What you saw was not an emotional tantrum but the mental breakdown of a man devoid of his largest source of meaning in his life. I saw the breakdown a mile away and idk why no one else did. The moment gamora died was a complete foreshadowing of quil’s breakdown.

  17. Ori says:

    why didn’t Strange just trap thanos in a time loop

  18. Emireth Negrete says:

    You can also look at this in comparison to the other Guardians of the Galaxy. For example Drax,consumed with thoughts of avenging his family, didn’t stop to think of the consequences they’d face if he tried to attack Ronan singlehandedly. Then, even though Rocket scolded Drax for doing this he does the EXACT SAME THING at the end and charges at Ronan saying, “YOU KILLED GROOT!!” When someone is this hurt, that’s not something that someone can control or stop to think rationally about. I’m pretty sure there are other Marvel Avengers who’ve done something similar too.

    • Aizen Uchiha says:

      Emireth Negrete Iron Man himself did it in Civil War after finding out Bucky’s involvement in killing his parents. Some emotions just can’t be controlled.

    • Cloud77 Hot says:

      Aizen Uchiha Can a character’s parents compare to a companion? Ask Batman what screwed with him more, the death of his parents or the death of Robin? Drax is Drax. He has been talking about avenging his family since day one, of course his gonna be irrational when he sees the person who killed his family. Shit I could believe Drax loosing control and waking up Thanos than Star Lord. Thanos would have said something fucked up about killing his family and the audience would have understood that much more than what happed with Star Lord. Drax loss can’t compare to Star Lords loss.

    • Arya Faeqy says:

      Emireth Negrete Iron Man did the same in Civil War. When he learned Bucky had killed his parents, he just lost it and wanted to kill him even attacking Cap in the process. When Cap tried to explain to him that Bucky wasn’t in control when he did it, Tony just said “I don’t care, he killed my mom”. I don’t blame Iron Man for what he did (I was actually supporting him lol), because I would definitely have done the same thing. Anger is a very strong emotion and what these movies are trying to show us are these heroes are just like us. Even the strongest among us can’t control their emotions sometimes.

    • Arya Faeqy says:

      Cloud77 Hot sometimes the loss of a companion can be harder than a parent’s. Starlord had already lost his mother and both his biological father and adoptive father. So losing a companion is definitely a good excuse for Starlord to get angry don’t you think?

    • james pogrebetsky says:

      None of that compares to This. Not even Iron Man attacking winter soldier. Because unlike with them, Star Lords actions affect the whole god damn universe. Well, half of it. Draw attacking Ronan just means a dead Drax. Same with Rocket. It has barely any consequence outside of their own lives.

  19. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    Star Lord is the reason we’re getting a part 2 so I’ll take it.

  20. Romero says:

    I did not get angry at Quill, rather, I felt his frustration. That was the most powerful display of sadness and anger I’ve seen in a Marvel movie, it actually portrays accurately people’s feeling when dealing with loss.
    Yes, he fucked up everything, but that made me like his character even more. In fact, he became my favorite Marvel character after this movie.

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