In Loving Memory of,

In Loving Memory of,

Grandpa, Rest In Peace.

Thank you for being here, and remembering him with us.

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25 Responses

  1. mijyo // みじょう says:

    this made me really teary. Especially because he kept smiling and waving. Annabelle, this is such a beautiful video💕

  2. Amelia Potter says:

    So so sorry for your loss, sending much love to you and your family ❤️

  3. Adriana Afonso says:

    i got so emotional. especially because we all have kept up with your vlogs so we know how much he meant to you so we can only imagine how much you’re suffering and how beautiful this was to your grandad. i’m sure he’d be happy to see this. i hope you stay strong, as you said, we all go one day. soon enough you will meet with him again. we’re here for you. be strong, with love.

  4. Jennifer Kong says:

    Every time your grandfather made an appearance on your vlogs he always made me smile. I’m sorry for the loss and may he Rest In Peace.

  5. lexamazing says:

    sending love. i lost my beautiful grandma to cancer 2 years ago, and she still inspires me to this day. when i was younger she was my only subscriber, my only audience, my biggest supported whether it came to singing, making videos, or acting. i miss her everyday but i got through it, and i know you can too <33

  6. Darcy Fox says:

    I will remember him.

  7. Claudia Danella says:

    this is sad yet beautiful. so sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing his story, may he rest in peace

  8. Enchantelle says:

    Thank you for sharing his story Annabelle. I love his smile! Sending love and light to you and your family ❤️

  9. Nina H says:

    I can tell he was a wonderful person and i’m so sorry for your loss💜we love you, so take your time and if you need anything at all, we are here for you💙

  10. B. Can says:

    It was an honor to have heard his life story from a person he made smile. I like the effort and work you put in here.. ❤

  11. About a movie says:

    This was so very heartwarming <3
    Sorry for your loss xx

  12. KokoTheKoala says:

    I’m crying! Actually crying! I will remember him. He was so cute, and I loved him so much. I remember him cooking meals for you, playing with your cats, de-vaining the shrimp, and making little boxes for the food scraps. ♥️ My condolences, and don’t feel like you need to post videos during this time. Love, Annie

  13. Hey Hey says:

    I’m sorry for your loss 💔 Ik the feeling to lose someone you love but that life. Stay strong.

  14. Maya ! says:

    I dont even know what to say. Just let us keep remembering this wonderful man, rest in peace ❤️

  15. Mia Moran says:

    this is precious, rest in piece & with the angels

  16. smartlette says:

    His life seemed absolutely beautiful and this video was gorgeous. I know this time will be hard but thank you for all that you do. You truly help so many people, just like he did 💕

  17. AmandaRachLee says:

    so so sorry for your loss, sending lots of love to you and your family ❤️

  18. Peppa Pig Fan 2256 says:

    Sorry for your loss. he will live happily and remembered in Hevan

  19. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

    *”There’s no one who will cherish his memory”* Neighbors? Friends? They’re there for you during the rare times family isn’t.

  20. Aaron Vu says:

    Beautiful video❤️ my grandpa passed away a couple days ago, he is no longer suffering. I love him so much and he was such a kind and supportive person🙏 i love you grandpa, rest in paradise.

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