In Real Life #BeStrong

In Real Life #BeStrong

In Real Life is a social experiment that shows what happens when online bullying is taken offline. #ClickWithCompassion

Download the #BeStrong anti-bullying emoji keyboard:

To learn more about bullying prevention, check out these organizations:

The Amanda Todd Legacy:

Project Rockit:

The Bully Project:

The Childhood Resilience Foundation:

Heart Mob:

Anti-Bullying Pro:

The Diana Award:


Ditch the Label:

Dance Free Movement:

Sandy Hook Promise:

The Tyler Clementi Foundation:

Global Dignity:

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20 Responses

  1. Jay Random says:

    imagine the psyche of the kids being adopted by gay parents of the same sex thinking that it’s okay, they themselves will eventually become gay becaUse they saw that coming up they too will continue that imoral cycle thinking it’s right and normal

  2. fatboyRAY24 says:

    I only have one question….


  3. Theodore Alexandros says:

    You cannot fix hateful people by making laws that prevent hurtful speech. The best way to ensure our freedom of speech is to grow balls and stop being offended over everything

  4. Jiovanny Zavala says:

    Because the internet is a meme

  5. imnotmelvin3 says:

    Let God do the judging and get out of His way and do His will! That the peace people need ❀

  6. Shiloh Silverman says:

    Check all the links in the video description…internet and campus censorship legislation on my very first click. I’d rather have a rude society than a censored one…very dangerous stuff.

  7. Xiran Wang says:

    I don’t care if they paid YouTube to make this on trending. This kind of message deserves that.

  8. NismoFury says:

    It’s acceptable online bc no one takes it seriously online. If you do you need a reality check. Its an insecure people’s playground online. You gotta know this and learn to Taylor Swift that sh*t. Btw that white dude felt secure enough to push the asian dude bc Asians are too docile except OG asians. He wouldn’t have done that if it was a black dude.

  9. Richard Lee says:

    Muslim with no face veil? Look like hipster girl?

  10. Andrei Ilie says:

    Looking back in my high school years , just about 10 years ago, this makes me laugh! Not to mention online…. do not go online if you can’t handle it. This would be a problem if this actually happens in real life. If you say “Yeah, well it happens” Yeah 1 out of 900 times, so does other bad things.

  11. Samira Anjum says:

    “There’s no liberal America. There’s no Conservative America. There’s only United States of America.” Your wrong, Obama. This YouTube section proves the sectionalism. But I’m tired of hating trolls. Just because some crack head thinks im terrorist doesn’t makes me one. But guess what, real terrorists aren’t walking on American streets..they’re probably f****g prostitutes seven ways till Sunday in Dubai

  12. TheNasheR93 says:

    TROlls maketh the internet. I support troll and sarcasm. If you can’t handle it. Just close the freaking tab. This is being overtly sensitive to meager issues.

  13. Mason Boaz says:

    The reason people are trolls online is because they can hide behind a screen cause they know they would get beat up in person

  14. D R says:

    It’s pretty simple. When people are behind their Internet shield they don’t give a fuck. Also, you should have had a few 13 year olds in there doing the bullying for good measure.

  15. Love Sosa Raris and Rovers says:

    This video is pointless! Obviously someone will stand up for another person. The bystander effect is like 1999. We in the new century now!

  16. Jonathick says:

    Don’t say things to people online that you wouldn’t say in person.

  17. Elijah Sellers says:

    All of you are missing the point. The video is nice, who gives a shit if it’s trending or not.

  18. Matthew Jefferson says:

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good shit to the people who made this

  19. IvoryHourglass says:

    Its like online and meatspace are the same thing. Wow.

  20. koseq7 says:

    The irony is that the actors were trolling the random passersby, because they were faking drama to get reactions.

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