In Space with Markiplier

In Space with Markiplier

Good to see you again, Captain!
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32 Responses

  1. schmoyoho says:

    Markimoo said he’d go to space with 100% chance of dying—now will he fulfill his destiny???

  2. Mr. X says:

    The madness of the universe when you stuck in a constant loop. Me: Taking Mark to every planet 😀

  3. SlackFunday Ch. says:

    I just want to point out that Chica played her scene fantastically, she was the first to react to the emergency, so proud of her !

  4. Hellsing316 says:

    All the shaking and crying in the world won’t be enough for this. Everyone involved has outdone themselves.

  5. Drake Barnes says:

    Mat: “Engines are lookin’ good captain.” Me: Very good. *Recognizes Voice* Me: wait a minute…

  6. LordMinion777 says:

    You’ll make the best possible choices, right Captain?

  7. Oryx TheRam says:

    Mark has completely outdone himself. Not exaggerating when I say this is some of the best content to hit Youtube in years.
    The paths you can take vary from hilarious, to downright chilling. At this point I’m just excited to see part 2.
    Don’t worry Captain…. You’ll make the right choice.
    Won’t you?

  8. shi-dt says:

    “Truth be told, we couldn’t afford to show that anyway”
    Ah, Mark, don’t ever change

  9. aleafybee says:

    EVEN THE OPENING JOKE IS AMAZING. “Invincible 2” killed me instantly

  10. Flowey Ghost says:

    Easter eggs I’ve found so far:

    Mark has a Chica badge and an impossible cube badge

    5:12 when Mark opens his locker, Tiny Box Tim is in there

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