In this video we’re actually Stranded Deep

In this video we’re actually Stranded Deep

Okay the joke has gone too far we actually got lost oh no
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28 Responses

  1. ChronoChrome says:

    Check the cartographer on the main menu. It should highlight the map you’re currently on. Starter island is center of the map.

  2. Miltonsmil says:

    The stream was 3 hours of pure pain. I love it.

  3. Chris Hoye says:

    Honestly so good to have smii7y back

  4. That Gamerguy8265 says:

    I love how they got so strange that they found the ending of the game

  5. Linddal says:

    you can get like infinite storage with the wooden boxes. if you fill them up, and pick them up, they only fill 1 inventory space, so you can have like 40 items total.

  6. Austen Hodges says:

    Idk if he reads comment but you have to fight 3 bosses. A giant squid, an eel, and a Megalodon. They give you the parts for the plane in order to escape. The way to find them is the squid there will be a buoy in the water you have to go down and get him off the chain he’s tied to. The megalodon you have to find a whale carcass I think. The eel you have to find a giant underwater ship somewhere.

    • Austen Hodges says:

      @Weepo thanks for your comment you really added a lot to that

    • Austen Hodges says:

      @yeah no. nah that was the whale that jumps in and out of water

    • Austen Hodges says:

      @LaidBack Booty well the chat already told him but they didn’t fully explain it to him and they already found the plane so I wasn’t spoiling anything I’m just saying where the bosses are that doesn’t spoil anything game wise

    • Joshua Black says:

      @Stoffel the bosses actually arent that bad. theres guides on the internet for what to bring but most of it is just a crap ton of spears to throw at the bosses from your raft

  7. snicks says:

    Even though it hasn’t really been that long I was in desperate need of Smii7y content. I will gratefully absorb this.

  8. Angel says:

    Kryoz: “one more couldn’t hurt.”
    Also kryoz: ‘chokes and almost dies’

    It definitely hurt

  9. Rayne says:

    I love how smii7y was going in the right direction and then he chose to listen to John and go the wrong direction

  10. Sarge126 says:

    Leave it to Smii7y and Kryoz to accidentally find the end of the game by trying to find their way back to their main island

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