Inappropriate Moments in James Bond Movies

Inappropriate Moments in James Bond Movies


After James Bond bangs a widow on the day of her husband’s funeral in Spectre, I came up with the idea for this video. I just wanted to see what old Bond moments might not be fly so well today (with the exception of Skyfall). I hope you guys like it and thanks for watching!


Song 1:
Song 2: ScHoolboy Q – Big Body
Song 3: Madvillain – All Caps
Song 4: Tyler, The Creator – IFHY
Song 5: Jamie xx – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)
Song 6: Kid Cudi – Make Her Say
Song 7: ¥ung ¢hef – TOP RAMEN Ft. Doughboi

To see my other easter egg videos, use the playlist:

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20 Responses

  1. Tony Crony says:

    Sean Connery was a fucking badass as James Bond

  2. NEON says:

    We’re trending, boys!

  3. Eric aguilera says:

    I like your choices in music

  4. dmsanct says:

    I love the Bond series but holy shit… that’s some straight up rape over

  5. Jonathan Rose says:

    There’s no such thing as an “inappropriate” moment in a movie for adults.
    It’s a movie, not a church recital. Sick of all this PC talk about things
    being “inappropriate”. I’m sick of people treating adults like we’re little

  6. ShadowsHeat says:

    Oh great, next thing you know they will make a SJW James Bond

  7. Mr. MovieDude says:

    these look like highlights to me.

  8. Michael W says:

    Name’s Bond, Rapey Bond.

  9. Random Hero says:

    Like for MF DOOM

  10. Derek Pratt says:

    Like Sean Connery always says, “It’s not the worst thing to slap a woman
    every now and then, and to do it with an open hand rather than a clenched
    fist.” Such wisdom!

  11. Stefan Hennessey says:

    Anyone know the songs between each clip? Some of them sounded familir

  12. Michael Jones says:

    2:34 SONGS??????????????????

  13. Greg Burgner says:

    Idk why but these scenes in the bond movies make the movie more enjoyable

  14. futebolcapixabatv says:

    the french girl from Skyfall is gorgeous

  15. Cade Vlacos says:

    Whats the name of the song when the title, “Moonraker” shows?

  16. gustavo pena says:

    wow “a bit rapey” is an understatement

  17. Jaafar says:

    Das rape…

  18. freenwl says:

    Dr. Goodhead? LoL it’s like asking for a (mid quality head job) how about
    Dr. Straightclit?

  19. Austin Smith says:

    ERB? Nice touch?

  20. pretender2j says:

    A trained killer shouldn’t be looked at as a role model for men? Who would
    have guessed…