Inception Retold by Mom

My mom hadn’t seen Christopher Nolan’s epic INCEPTION. We watched it together and afterward she told me what she thought happened, and who she thought it happened to.

This is a followup to The Matrix Retold by Mom. If there’s enough demand, I’d like to keep doing these.

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20 Responses

  1. RoamobilE Roa F. says:


  2. Michael Thomas says:

    That is exactly how I remembered it too. “WHATEVER”

  3. Coruna21 says:

    These videos with your mom or friend talking about a movie in their own
    words are really funny :)

  4. brady50429 says:


  5. Tori G says:

    I want to know about the scene with the women and head bands…. 

  6. JiveCinema says:

    she was serious boy, that handsome Matt Damon was in inception..he was the
    lead~ ^_^ lol

  7. the forthwright says:

    Your mom is adorable ^_^

  8. Pablo Encalada says:

    She must have seen Paprika, is more entertaining !

  9. sondraka says:

    Oh my god I love this please make 500 more

  10. Nole Hunter Lilley says:

    +Edward Bruce Lilley seen this? 

  11. Andres Moore says:


  12. Vincent Lyle says:

    go fuck yourself

  13. 3p1cC4nuck says:

    Make her watch Looper next LOL. 

  14. unlucky frank says:

    Your mom shouldn’t have taken the brown acid at Woodstock.

  15. Jackad7 says:

    Dumb bitch. Best movie bet and she fucks it up…

  16. Cookieboy70 says:

    Years later and Inception blows my mind again. Where were these women in
    headbands? I have to watch it again, lol

  17. kaizer soze says:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  18. Ryan Holmes says:

    She’s nailed it on the head.

  19. Sasha Zaliznyak says:

    Better than the original 

  20. Fredy Gonzalez says:

    This was great